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Year : 2003

Bibliography : xiv + 294 pp

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About the Book

Proud inheritors of historic legacies, India and West Asia have been friends and neighbours since the dawn of civilisation. With the advent of Islam the Arab-Indian contacts were further strengthened. It was the Arabs who attempted the first written history of India and drew its maps. They learnt a great deal from Indian science and medicine and spread it across the world, notably the so-called Arabic numerals and the concept of zero, thereby introducing India to the West. Both the regions suffered common experiences of oppression and exploitation under colonialism. Today, the issues of distributive justice, gender and human rights, civil society, environment and education have become the common concerns.

Solutions to contemporary problems cannot be founded in universalistic formulas and beliefs in linear progress. Systematic initiatives need to be launched to secure unity without disturbing diversity; the history of Indian and West Asian relations provides valuable examples for making such efforts. Prominent Indian and West Asian scholars, academics and policy makers came together in the course of a two-day seminar to reflect on these issues, share experiences and search for solutions that transcend divisive mindsets.

About Author

N. N. Vohra was a member of the Indian Administrative Service (1959-94), borne on the Punjab cadre. With the Government of India, he successively served as Secretary Defence Production, Defence Secretary and Home Secretary. After retirement he has been serving as Director, India International Centre (1995-97, 1998-). Was recalled to serve as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India (1997-98). Member of the National Security Advisory Board (1998-2001); Chairman, Committee to Review Functioning of IDSA (1999-2001); Chairman, National Task Force on Internal Security (2000); Chairman, Military History Review Committee (2001-02); Co-Chairman, India-EU Round Table (2001-). Has been writing on issues relating to security and governance.


Contents Preface : NN Vohra; A Message; Introduction: Karan Singh; Conceptualising India-West Asia Relations: The Macro-Historical Perspective:AK. Ramakrishnan; Kuwait and India: Historical, Cultural and Social Bonds Raska Al-Sabah; Afro-Asian Relations: The Sudanese Perspective Jaffar Mirghani Ahmed; Contemporary Indo-Sudanese Relations Hassan Mekki; Indo-Arab Relationship: The Syrian Perspective Waiel S. H. Awwad ; Yemen and India: Development of Historical Relationships Salek Ali Basurrah; Egypt: A Link between India and the Mediterranean Mostafa El-Abbadi ; India and West Asia: Sharing History and Future Challenges Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri ; India and the Arab World: Retrospect and Prospects Faisal Odeh Al-Rfou'h ; Personal Reflections on Indo-Arab Relations Rafiq Zakaria ; Enduring Relationships: Maritime Contacts in the Western Indian Ocean Himanshu Prabha Ray ; Cultural Implications of Trades between South Asia, the Gulf and Mesopotamia in the Bronze Age Shereen Ratnagar ; Arabian Gulf During the British Era: The Impact of India Abdulla Elmadani; India and West Asia Relations: The Changing Economic Matrix Girijesh Pant ; Population Dynamics in West Asia and North Africa Prakash C. Jain ; Minorities in the Middle East: An Inquiry P.R Kumaraswamy ; Globalisation and Literature Sadik J. Al.Azm; Exploring Composite Culture in India Neera Chandhoke ; Sanskrit's Legacy to the Arab Intellectual Heritage Abdul Ali; Indo-Arab Cultural Relations: Glimpses of Medieval Arabic Texts Abdul Bari ; South India and the Gulf: Trade and Diplomacy During the Late Eighteenth Century AK. Pasha ; Medieval West Asian Critical Appreciation of India M.A Saleem Khan ; India-West Asia Interaction Akhtarul Wasey ; Unitary Histories, Epistemological Divides: A Summing Up Gulshan Dietl ;

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