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Year : 2003

Bibliography : x +181 pp

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About the Book

This is the modest attempt towards understanding the intricacies of Indonesian society and politics. Indonesia is witnessing transition from authoritarianism to democracy. Political culture is changing and multi-party system have emerged. Democratic institutions are evolving. The government policies are rapidly evolved to cope with growing economic and security challenges. However, the threat of instability looms large because of ethnic and socio-economic divergences. Radical Islamic and Christian organisations are vocal against each other and some terror groups are active. There is a growing demand to declare Islam as the state religion and dilute the secular framework of the 1945 constitution. Dual role of the armed forces are abolished but their influence on national politics remain substantial. Political parties are solely interested in power and they don't want to take a clear stand against religious fanatics. All these issues have been analysed in the book to make it relevant for all those engaged in teaching and research of the subject.

About Author

Dr. Ganganath Jha, an alumnus of Southeast Asian Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru Univesity, New Delhi, has been working as a faculty member in the department for the last 25 years.

Dr. Jha has been contributing articles in reputed journals and edited volumes. A number of articles in Indonesian Quarterly (Jakarta), Contemporary Southeast Asia (Singapore), International Studies, India Quarterly and Strategic Analysis are well appreciated. Some of his books, Foreign Policy of Thailand (1978), Southeast Asia (1988) are widely reviewed. He has widely travelled in Southeast Asia, Holland and China and writes on the subject from his personal experiences.


Introduction: Threats to the Republic, Human Rights,
Indonesian Society: Population Density of Indonesia per Sq. Km. 1930-1980,Indonesian Muslims, Indonesian Customs, Transmigration;
Religion in Indonesia: Muslim Community, Islamic Resurgence Ethnic Scenario in Indonesia East Timor, Aceh, Ambon, Iran Jaya, OPM Structure
Politics in Indonesia: Nationalist Movement, Sukarno Period, Suharto Period,
Terrorism-Blast in Bali
Appendix, Bibliography

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