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Year : 2003

Bibliography : viii + 203

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About the Book

The Federal Experience: India and Russia is the outcome of joint venture of Indian and Russian scholars who joined together to have a fresh look at the experience of federalism in India and post-Soviet Russia.This fresh look has yielded and intellectually exciting and pragramatically salubrious result. The central themes of the book are defined by two important facets of federalism, i.e., federalism as a political arrangement and federalism as a source which releases certain political forces that affect its functioning.

Scholars participating in this venture were convinced that the character of federalism can not be explained in purely political terms. It is necessary therefore to cast the net wider in order to apprehend the true character of federalism. Political forces themselves are the product of socio-cultural composition of the population, economic structure and the constitutional expressions of intentio- populi. Different papers reflect this perspective and explore a character federalism in the context of inter-action of these large factors and trace the variegated impact of this inter-action on functioning of federalism. It is this intellectual perspective that lands this book a distinctive quality.

4th October 2003

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About Author

Prof. Ramashray Roy is an eminent political philosopher who has, through his numerous writings, opened new vistas not only in different areas of social sciences but also in Vedic studies. Prof. Roy worked as a Senior Fellow as well as Director of the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, Director of the Indian Council of Social Science Research, New Delhi as well as its National Fellow and Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advance Study, Shimla. He is currently the Fellow of the Indian Council of Historical Research, New Delhi.

He has published more than two dozen books and over fifty articles in Journals in India and outside. His publications include Dalit, Development and Democracy; Politics and Society; Politics and Beyond; Sanskaras in India Tradition and Culture (SHIPRA).


Introduction: Ramashray Roy
Federalism: The Indian Experience: Ramashray Roy
Constitutional Foundations of Indian Federalism: Theory and Practice: Ravindra Nath Pal
Centre-State Economic Relations: The Indian Experience: P.N. Mehrotra
Finance Commission and Distribution of Resources: Vinod K. Mehta
Federalizing Process and Social Interest Groups in India: Pradip Kumar Bose
Empowerment of Weaker Sections: P.G. Jogdand
Federalism: The Russian Experience: K.N. .Jehangir
Form and Substance of Federalism in Russia: Zafar Imam
Ethnic Composition of the Russian Federation Population: MS. Gill
Formation of Russian Federation: New Challenges: S. Valentei
Federalism of Power and Power of Federalism: Mikhail Guboglo
The Development of the Federal Relations and the Practice of the Constitutional Court in Russian Federation Vassilieva Tatiana
Local Self-Government as an Issue of Constitutionalism Liudmila Laapteva

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