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Year : 2004

Bibliography : xvi + 408

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Despite its colonial connotations the word 'Australasia' aptly describes the region of Australia, New Zealand and the twenty-two island states of the South Pacific. Although, in the past, this region may have been viewed as remote and distant, geographically as well as strategically, it is now rightly considered to be an important part of the Asia-Pacific region. Traditionally, Australasia has not been a focal point of India's foreign policy, the past interactions having been mainly restricted to Fiji, because of the Indian diaspora, and to Australia and New Zealand. However, in the fast changing global environment, India is on the threshold of playing a constructive role in the economic development of the South Pacific countries, and in building vibrant linkages, especially with the South Pacific societies.
In this volume scholars from India and Australasia discuss, through case studies, the management of policies relating to immigration and multiculturalism; sources of social cleavages and conflicts, and so on. The issues discussed are particularly relevant in the context of multi-racial Australasia, where the consequences of social conflict are adding to the burden of the already economically poor 'micro states', whose societies have traditionally been divisive rather than homogeneous.

1st November 2003

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About Author

N. N. Vohra was a member of the Indian Administrative Service (1959-94), borne on the Punjab cadre. During his tenure with the Government of India, he successively served as Secretary Defence Production, Defence Secretary and Home Secretary. After retirement he worked as Director, India International Centre (1995-97, 1998-2003). Was recalled to serve as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister of India (1997-98). Has been Member of the National Security Advisory Board (1998-2001); Chairman, Committee to Review Functioning of IDSA (1999-2001); Chairman, National Task Force on Internal Security (2000); Chairman, Military History Review Committee (2001-02); Co-Chairman, India-EU Round Table (2001-). Writes and speaks on issues relating to security and governance. Presently engaged as Government of India's Interlocutor on Jammu and Kashmir.


Preface: N. N. Vohra
Introduction : Dr. Karan Singh
Australasia: From a Conceptual Past to a Conceivable Future: Donald Denoon
India and the Pacific Islands : Ron Crocombe
India-Australasia: An Indo-Fijian Perspective : Satyendra P. Nandan
Multiculturalism in Australia and India: T. K. Oommen
India and Australasia: From Speculation to Knowledge: K. S. Singh
Globalisation and the Emerging Trends of Embodied And Disembodied Mobility of Kbowledge from India and Australasia : Binod Khadria
India's Rediscovery of the Pacific : Shubha Pardeshi
India and the South Pacific: Some Thoughts on Emerging Relations : Muktesh Pardeshi
India's Engagement with Pacific Islands Forum: Problems and Prospects : K. Raja Reddy
White Australia is No More: Australian Multiculturalism Yesterday and Today: Marika Vicziany
Neither Indian nor Australian? Contemporary Indian Migration to Sydney: John Connell
Problem of Minorities and Nation-building: A Theoretical Paradigm : Rajinder Singh Chauhan
The Legal System in the Pacific: An Overview : V. S. Mani
The Challenge to Democracy in Melanesia : Ronald J.May
A Pacific 'Arc of Crisis'? Conflict and Conflict-Resolution in Oceania : Greg Fry
Ethnic Tensions, Statehood, and Conflict in the South Pacific: Roderic Alley
Reflecting the Past, Moving Forward: In Search of a Fijian Identity : Larry Thomas
Negotiating Identities in a Multicultural Society: A Case Study of Indian Diaspora in Australia: D. Gopal and Priti Singh
Least Developing Countries of South Pacific: Future in a Globalised Economy and Unipolar World : Binayak Ray
Papua New Guinea in the Asia Pacific Region : Past, Present and Future : Rose Kekedo
Imagining the South Pacific: Indian Construction of the Region : Man Mohini Kaul
Australian Mainland Press: On Bali Post-October 12 : Auriol Weigold
Australia-Indonesia Relations: Withstanding the Tests of East Timor and Bali : Shankari Sundararaman

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