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Year : 2004

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72 pp 2ND ED. IN 2008

About the Book

In the book, the author displays how alll round growth, which is the ideal sought by teachers now becomes real as synergy gets revitalised through the slots of knowledge that are circumnavigated in the format technique of audio-visual mediation. Many unique mixtures of sensory and spoken languages can enhance the co-related interdependencies between different sets and types of ideas as living images provide emotional indicators for experiencing the reality forming power of audio-visual communication. The author provides content vocabularies as controlled displays of the mental, emotional and spritual conditioning for situation based creative human endeavor. Culture defined models that uphold the highest ideals of harmonious evolution are extrapolated into contemporary framework. The book may be useful for all interested in the subject.

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20th March 2004

About Author

Dr Rajni Tandon is an educator with a vision and a mission; that of opening out a new field of studies to understand the applied humanism that is implict and explict in the visual media and make more holistically educative use of its wondrous possibilities. Her eclectic range infuses the luminous aesthetic of deep trust into the philosophic pragmatism that is the undercurrent carrying the waves of understanding that we humans are driven to create and share.

Rajni Tandon has taught in many different parts of India and visited centres of development education in U K and U S A. She has been a principal of a school, a professor in some colleges and has directed theatre presentations. Her work on a mass communication project at stella Maris College under the compulsory community service scheme gave the practical dimension to the futuristic work she has undertaken. She has contributed to the U G C panel on Mass Communication and the Standing Committee for Value Education. Apart from her formal discipline of literature. She has made deep forays into Drama, Social Psychology, Philosophy, Film art, Ethno-linguistics and Interfaith awareness. Currently she provides her services as a consultant in Value Centered Communication and is the convenor of the Delhi Center of the Temple of Understanding - an N G O under the chairmanship of Dr Karan Singh.



PART 1: Foundations
Our interactive life nurtune
Understanding value formation
Thoughtful interaction
Progress, process and practive
Configuring interactivity

PART II: Audio-Visual Teaching
Holistic teaching
Synergy and learning

PART III: Pedagogies for producing Learning Material
Quests and questions
Studies for developing interactive skills

PART IV: Presentation Values
The disciplines and the subject
Some models of holistic web designs for comprehensive thinking

PART V: Managing Partnership
Interactive dialogue sessions
Holistic development and information networks

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