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Year : 2008

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238+viii, 2010 imp

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About the Book

In search of sustainability, importance of environment, need for its preservation and protection thereof is now a day felt by the most intelligent species of the planate. Knowledge about environment and its preservation is already in hand in consonance with development of science and technology. The critical responsibility is therefore to evolve appropriate strategies and tactics to disseminate such pertinent information among the masses in general and among the young generation in particular, and thereby to enable them to develop a concern about the environment. However, teachers of the day, who act as a pivot of knowledge-dissemination system, yet to be equipped with the strategies and tactics of developing concerns for environmental education among the students. This is possible following integration between 'ongoing subject of studies' and 'developing concerns about the environment'. The present volume is an attempt in the direction, which address such issues from varied pertinent angles to equip our teachers of varied levels of formal educational institutions. The volume, includes issues that addresses the need of integrating knowledge of the past and present for protection of the environment, need for evolving a disciplinary approach for environmental education, integration of environmental knowledge of the past and present, implications of teachers' training in environmental education, prospective educational profile for environment and safety, innovative approaches of teaching environmental education, exploration of trend of doctoral level research in environmental education and related curricular and pedagogical issues.

About Author

Dr. Rajarshi Roy [b. 1972], a practitioner of Education is currently Assistant Professor of Education of National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training & Research [NITTTR], Kolkata. His areas of interest zoomed over pedagogy for development, environmental education, indigenous technology for the life improvement of the population at crisis. Apart, he offers courses on teachers' burnout and stress management.



1. Environmental Concerns in the Vedas: A Lesson in Ancient Indian History-R P. Singh
2. Environmental Education and Beyond: Implications for Teachers''Training- Dzintra Ilisko
3. Industrial Safety, Public Health and Environment: A Prospective Educational Profile-S.C Santra, S.Kar and A.C. Samal
4. How Shall I Explore My Environment? : A Physicist's View- M.N. Bapat
5. Teaching Environmental Education: The Multiple Intelligences Approach-Mridula Ranade
6. Environmental Awareness Among Students: A Survey- Rajarshi Roy and Anjana Paira
7. Technology-Rich Environments in Teacher Education- Nili More and Ida Heilweil
8. Environmental Education for a Sustainable Future- Maganlal S. Molia
9. Some Pedagogical Issues on Environmental Education in India-Sanat Kumar Ghosh
10. Environment Education: An Indian Perspectiv-Faisal Zia Siddiqui and Tauseef Z. Siddiqui
11. Tending of Diversity through a Robust Core Curriculum: Gender, Socio-economic Status and Ethnicity as
Components of Environment-Bruce Joyce, Marilyn Hrycauk, Walter Hrycauk and
Emits Calhoun
12. Environmental Education through Mass Communication:Potentialities and Opportunities- Abihijit Bora
13. Trend of Doctoral Research on Environmental Education in Indian Academia- Rajarshi Roy and Anjana Paira

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