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Year : 2011

Bibliography : 182pp

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About the Book

In recent years, more than 30 per cent of new recruits quit their jobs within three years, while at the same time, mid-career personnel tended to change jobs frequently. There is an urgent need, therefore, for companies, to thoroughly analyze the reasons for early job changes to contrive a new management approach for devising long-term recruitment strategies.

Many enterprises are beginning to recognize the significance of Employees' Satisfaction. Today, young employees are not interested in managerial jobs, but seek specialized careers. They think that being a manager requires many responsibilities with little reward, whereas a specialist can use his/her own discretion with fewer burdens. However, without managers of high caliber, there will be no corporate growth.

Unless the questions "Why do we work?", "What is our raison d'etre?" and "What is job satisfaction?" are fully answered, salary means "compensation for pain" for employees. Teaching a better way of life to employees will help the corporate managers cultivating employees capable of taking on leadership roles in the future.

This book is designed for use in employee training. Author strongly recommends face to face discussion between employer and employee on each topic of the book which will positively lead to the discovery of new raison d'etre or an approach to work.

About Author

Yasunari Kuno (b. 1965) is majored in Economics and Graduated from Shiga University. PricewaterhouseCoopers, in Japan, was served from 1990 to 1998.

He is the Managing Director of Yasunari Kuno Certified Accounting Firm; Managing Director of Tokyo Consulting Firm Private Limited in India; CEO of Tokyo Consulting Firm Corporation in Tokyo; Member of the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Chartered Member of the Securities Analysts Association of Japan; Locations of office are Japan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand and India.



1. Reasons that young people who quit their jobs within three years should not be withheld

2. What is the prescription most effective for reducing job changes within three years? How to become the next leader

3. Budgets and objectives are bulky waste if not achieved

4. What are the indispensable pre-requisites for corporate growth?

5. Employees refuse the results-based system

6. Organizational Objectives vs. Individual Objectives

7. Qualitative Objectives vs. Quantitative Objectives

8. What is Motivation?

9. Call for Mind Innovation

10. The Day when One becomes a True Leader

Column: An employee's comment that saved the management crisis

Epilogue: "Shuhari"

My Personal Theory: The tortoise lives ten thousand years.

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