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Year : 2015

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Youth bulge can be a challenge because it can lead to conflict and violence. It can also work as an opportunity, depending on the size and trajectory of the bulge and on a society’s reaction to it. This anthology lays out the underlying framework of youth bulges and discusses the ways in which such a demographic phenomenon can work to the advantage or disadvantage of a society. This book identifies key transitions experienced by youth and examines their perceptions and attitudes regarding the experiences in violent conflict situations in Kashmir and the possible role of the youth to improve collective understanding and capacity to work for peace and development. 

About Author

Dr Bilal Bhat holds a doctorate degree in sociology from the University of Kashmir. He was awarded Post-Doctorate Research Fellowships by the UGC and ICSSR, New Delhi. In addition to his books Rehabilitation of Child Labour: Problems and Prospects and Cotton Cultivation and Child Labour in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan,Dr Bhat has to his credit number of research articles on Kashmir, Central and South Asia published in various reputable national and international journals. His scholarly interests include social stratification, human rights, conflict resolution, social change and social development. He presently works as assistant professor of research.


Aijaz Ashraf is Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Kashmir. He has been a fellow at ‘Study of US Institute’, USA. He has completed number of research studies sponsored by UGC, ICSSR and CSDS, New Delhi. His research has been published in reputed national and International journals.He has participated in number of national and international conferences. Besides Kashmir Conflict he has written copiously on many contemporary political issues.




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1. Introduction 1

Conceptualizing Youth; Growing Up: The Relevance of Age and the Concept of Youth; Social Process; Popular Conceptions

2. Aspirations and Challenges of Youth

Youth as a Problem; Rethinking Youth; Youth in India; Contemporary Youth in Jammu and Kashmir

3. Locating Youth in Kashmir

Theoretical Models/Perspectives on Social Problems; Using the Theoretical Perspectives; Constructing Social Problems; Youth in Kashmir

4. Analytical Perspective

Relevance and Significance; Objectives; Politics and Government; Tourism; Culture; Education; Policy and Programme Environment; Study Phases; Study Instruments; Study Design and Sample Size; Recruitment, Training and Fieldwork; Ethical Considerations; Data Processing

5. Youth and Life Course in Kashmir

Demographic Sketch; Age and Sex Composition of Population; Education and Opportunity; Family, Friends and Community Life; Employment and Unemployment; Media Exposure; Youth and Mobile Phones; Youth and Socialization; Peer Group Networks and Interaction; Family, Parental Education and Occupation; Sex, Gender and Youth; Knowledge of Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters; Youth, Love Affairs and Romantic Relations; Sexual Exploitation and Youth; Marriage and Youth; Health, Substance/Drug Use and Well Being

6. Conflict, Youth and Governance

Youth, Civil Society and Political Engagement; Socio-Psychological Impact of Conflict on Youth; Socio-Economic Impact of Conflict on Youth; Leisure, Conflict and Youth; Tourism, Sports and Youth; Youth, State and Governance

7. Conclusion and Policy Implications




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