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Year : 2017

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pp. xii+426

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About the Book

Each one of us desires and works hard to lead a happy and blissful life. Happiness is quintessentially to be learned and earned the right way with own efforts without dependence on external world of objects and people.

At later stage in life, however, the very desire shifts for something substantial, the essence of humanity, the seeking of Spirituality. Interestingly most of the modern day people wish salvation and bliss without letting go all they have got. On the contrary, world of attachments and Spirituality are diametrically opposite to each other. The perfect roadmap, clear purpose and right tools help navigate through the thin dividing line. Since it is like travelling through an unknown path less travelled, tons of commitment and practice become essential.

One is to learn multiple practices and methods available besides unlearning many things existing. The journey involves enhancing self-awareness, seeking self-realized truth and striving hard to enhance fundamental human virtues like morality, ethics, compassion and empathy. Both Yoga and Meditation need be mastered for continuing right practicing over years and years.

This book addresses the hurdles involved and provides a practical path in a hand holding manner. It provides a new perspective on Spirituality sans traditional philosophies and explanations. It is a travelogue for every curious and genuine seeker who refuses to settle for a life filled with ignorance about self, others and this visual world.

About Author

Ashok Tyagi (1960) gave up an immensely successful corporate career at the prime age of 51 to pursue superior aims of human life guided by Ancient Indian systems. His hands on understanding of religio-cultural nuances soon inspired him to pursue Spirituality in right earnest and on full time basis. His renunciation of blind-faith in traditions makes him a modern day thinker deep rooted in Universal values. He dedicates this shining insight, a result of over decade long endeavor, to the matured householders who have reached to the pinnacle of success in terms of current social norms and are dedicated to invest prime energy for something enduring and abiding.

Mr. Tyagi, a modern hermit, pursues Spiritual practices and intellectual vocation living in Surabaya, Indonesia with his wife Esha.


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