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Year : 2017

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pp. viii+272

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About the Book

This volume, a collection of scholarly articles, is an in-depth study of contemporary issues in the field of education. It covers — role of teacher education in knowledge society; Rich Site Summary (RSS) technology to revolutionize higher education, stress-free learning; TQM practices; Madarsa education; capacity building of Muslim minorities; sustainable development; reforming evaluation system;  issues and challenges of higher education; technology based higher education; educational philosophy of Islam; value education; women empowerment and education; accessibility of  new technology to teachers; concept mapping; critical pedagogy; tribal education; community colleges etc. All hues and colours are visible in this diverse panorama. It is hoped that book would be useful for readers, researchers, scholars, policy makers and the stakeholders in education. 

About Author

Prof. Mohammad Parvez is presently Chairperson in the Department of Education, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He has published few books and more than 58 papers including the papers presented in the seminars. He has discharged many administrative, including responsibilities as Director, Centre of Continuing & Adult Education and Extension, AMU, Aligarh.

Dr Mohd Shakir is working as Assistant Professor in Department of Education of AMU, Aligarh. He has to his credit one book and more than 24 research papers published/presented in seminars. 




1.     Role of Teacher Education Institutions in a Knowledge Society/ Sajid Jamal

2.     Rich Site Summary (RSS): The Technology to Revolutionize Higher Education/ Noushad Husain

3.     Stress-Free Learning: Competitive to a Cooperative Learning/ Mohd Shakir

4.     Stress Management: Nipping in the Bud/ Anjum Ahmed

5.     TQM Practices in Teacher Education Institutions: A Review/ Nupur Sen and Seema Gupta

6.     Re-Defining Quality: Role of Madrasa Education System/ K. Mohammed Basheer

7.     Capacity Building of Muslim Minorities: Role of NIOS/ Mohammad Hanif Ahmad

8.     Education to Achieve Sustainability/ Raisa Khan

9.     Reforming Evaluation System in Higher Education/ Shaheen F., Khan and Reema Singh

10.  Issues and Challenges for Higher Education in India/ Nasrin and Mandira

11.  ICT in Higher Education/ K.C. Vashishtha and Pravendra Singh Birla

12.  The Islamic Philosophy of Education/ Andleeb

13.  Value Education as an Incumbent in Learner Progression/ Babitha Ann Joseph

14.  Women Empowerment in India: A Case Study/ Ashok Mittal, Qamar Alam and Arifa Saleem

15.  Impact of Women Education: Employment and Fertility:/ A Case Study of Infant Mortality in Gujarat/ Shamshad

16.  Teacher in the Digital Age: Issues and Challenges/ Deepshikha Saxena

17.  Concept Mapping: An Effective Teaching Practice: Approach in School/ Rasheed Ahmad

18.  Anchored Instructional Approach: Critical Pedagogy to Enhance Critical Consciousness among Students/ P.K. Aruna and Muhammed Haris C.

19.  Right to Education Act 2009: Implementing Issues and Challenges/ A. Suneera

20.  Problems of Tribal Education in India/ Sumana Paul

21.  Vocationalisation of Education/ Naseerali M.K.

22.  Community Colleges in India: An Initiative to Reach the Needs of Community/ Naziya Hasan

23.  Morphological and Syntactic Errors in English Language Secondary School Students of Kerala: An Analysis/ Noora Abdul Kader




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