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Year : 2018

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xii+196 pp

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About the Book

The book is an endeavour to look into practices meant for academics, researchers and professionals in the field of research and academic writing. The specific focus is on academic writing, anti-plagiarism, copyright issues, citation and documentation. These practices are presented in the form of conceptual basis, perceptions and narratives from the field. Some of the practices are being used by the academia, which have been found to be very useful and fruitful while some others are suggested under the need of the hour. Academic writers encounter problems while dealing with concepts in academic writing, anti-plagiarism, copyright issues, citation and documentation. This book is not only a directional and fruitful document to answer the problems but it also serves as a handbook for academic writing.

All the practitioners including learners, researchers, authors, academic professionals, viz. pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and teacher educators, and other stakeholders may find the volume useful to make their academic writing and citation skills better and one level higher than the existing one.

About Author

Vinod Kumar Kanvaria is currently associated with Department of Education, University of Delhi, Delhi (India). He has a teaching and research experience of more than 15 years from Secondary School to University level, including Govt. of NCT of Delhi, NCERT and University of Delhi. His research interest areas are educational technology, ICT in and for education, academic writing, and pedagogy of mathematics.

He has presented a number of research papers in national and international seminars and conferences, his numbers of research papers have been published in the national and international journals. His several single authored and edited books have been published by LAP, Germany, VDM, Germany, Create Space, USA, GBO, New Delhi, VLMS, New Delhi and SPH, New Delhi, etc.


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