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Year : 2018

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About the Book

Children should be encouraged and given the space to make connections between what they learn inside as well as outside the school. Their experiences outside the school also help in honing their capacities, learning abilities, and expanding their knowledge base which further enhances the learning process.

Political Science is a significant subject, which gives opportunity to the students to relate nation’s political system with that of what is written in theory. It enables them to become more active and responsible citizens. As we live in a diverse society, teaching-learning of Political Science helps students to understand that equality is a value and a right. It provides the opportunity to build in the students a critical and informed way of looking at their contemporary world.

If, what the teacher teaches is completely divorced from the learner’s socio- cultural context then the learner is not able to relate with what is being taught and is thereby not able to understand properly. Learners recognize meanings from their socio cultural contexts, develop attitudes, begin to understand and interpret phenomena in their own ways,based on personal experiences.

About Author

Dr. Pankaj Arora, Associate Professor, has been serving in the Department of Education [CIE], University of Delhi for 20 years now. Dr. Arora hasauthored numerous articles and presented research papers in various national and international conferences. He has to his credit three books—Sex Education in schools published in English, Hindi & Gujarati; Profiling the need of Sex and Safety Education: A Special case of working children;and Democratic Classroom: Need, Significance and Implications for Social Science.

His areas of specialization include Pedagogy of Political Science, Adolescence Education, Social Science Education, Education,Youth and Democracy, Citizenship Education.


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