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Problems, Policies and Perspectives

Abdul Salim. A (Ed.)

Year : 2018

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pp 240

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About the Book

Development of human resources is crucial for economic development of a country. Human resources can be developed by imparting skills and education. Higher education contributes to national development through dissemination of specialised knowledge and skills. India has one of the largest higher education systems in the world. However, India’s higher education sector faces several quantitative as well as qualitative challenges. The book basically addresses the problems, policies and perspectives of higher education sector in India.

Major themes covered in the book include policies and strategies adopted by both developing and developed economies for massification of higher education, impact of globalization on higher education, liberatory and transformative role of education, diversity and discrimination in higher education institutions, autonomy and accountability, university governance and funding, privatisation of higher education, gender inequalities, quality and excellence, and linkages between higher education and labour market. 

About Author

Prof. Abdul Salim A is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Economics, University of Kerala. He is also the Honorary Director of the Inter University Centre for Alternative Economics (IUCAE) of the University. He has taught at JamiaMilliaIslamia, New Delhi and various colleges in Kerala during a span of three decades. He has undertaken several research projects and successively guided many PhD scholars. He has authored a number of books and research papers in refereed journals. His books include ‘Educational Development in India: The Experience of Kerala Since 1800’ (Co-author Prof. P.R Gopinathan Nair) and ‘The Cost of Higher Education in India’.





Higher Education in India: A Comparative Perspective

1. The Changing Landscape of Higher Education: An Analysis of Changes in Developing and Developed Countries

N.V. Varghese

2. Role of Government in Higher Education of Emerging Economies: A Case Study of Malaysia

Dato’ Morshidi Sirat

3. Structure and Pattern of Higher Education Courses in Singapore

N Varaprasad

4. Impact of Denationalisation and Globalisation on Science Education and Research in Developing Countries

Radhakrishna G Pillai


Policy Crisis in Indian Higher Education

5. Higher Education in the Context of Development

M. Kunhaman

6. Diversity and Discrimination in Higher Education Institutions in India: Case Study of Selected States

C. M. Malish and Nidhi S. Sabharwal

7. Autonomy and Accountability of Universities in India: A Critical Look at Policy since Independence

Aishna Sharma



Restructuring of Higher Education in India

8. Mode of Funding Higher Education and University Governance: A Critical Assessment of the Possibilities

Saumen Chattopadhyay  

9. Are Our Universities Financially Sustainable? The Case of Four South Indian Universities

C. Krishnan

10. Government Withdrawal and Privatisation of Higher Education in Kerala

Rajan Varughese

11. Access and Equity: A Study on the Impact of Self-financing Colleges in Kerala

S. R. Sheeja

12. Gender Participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education:

Emerging Challenges to Innovation in India

P. J. Christabell and Rajeev B.

13. Quality Issues and Trends in Teacher Education: An Alternative Perspective  

J. V. Asha

14. Higher Education and Labour Market in India: Missing Linkages

G. L. Arunjilal

15. Bridging the Industry — Academia Gap: The Way Ahead for Higher Education in Kerala

P. S. Deva Kumar



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