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Year: 2023


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ISBN: 9789391978204(HB)

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About the Book

This volume focuses on ICT integration in education and the chapters included are mostly research oriented and data based which were presented in JICE-2022.  Use of ICT in Education, digitalization, artificial intelligence and virtual teaching-learning have been part of the syllabus of all programmes in education. The NEP-2020 also has the provision and full focus on this theme as the government is dedicated towards bringing digitalization in education through various programmes and schemes like SWAYAM Prabha, ARPIT, ePathshala, ePGPathshala, DIKSHA, MOOCs, etc. This book provides content and material for thought to teachers, researchers and students of education and should prove to be of immense help to all the learners and teachers of education.

About Author

Dr Aerum Khan is Assistant Professor at Dept of TT & NFE (IASE), Faculty of Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.

Dr. Naheed Zahoor is Professor and Head, Department of Teacher Training and Non-formal Education (IASE), Jamia Millia Islamia. She is having an experience of around 30 years in teaching and research.

Dr. Jasim Ahmad is a Professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Education, Jamia Millia Islamia. He has a teaching and research experience of more than 21 years.


Foreword, Acknowledgements, Introduction


1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Integration: Vision NEP - 2020 in School Education/1

Astha Saxena

2. Pre-requisites of Online Teaching: Challenges and Strategies Evolved

13 Anuradha Sekhri

3. Blended Learning in Teacher Education Institutions: Teacher Educators’ Perspective /20

Mouna Gupta and Mohd. Mamur Ali

4. ICT in Developing Capacities for School Teachers: A Review of DIKSHA Programme/ 28

Mona Sedwal

5. Disruptive Technologies in Education in the Post-Covid Era/ 34

Sajna Jaleel and Geethu T. G.

6. Blended Learning Approach as a Learning Pedagogy: The Post Covid-19/ 43

Imran Ansari

7. Students’ Experience and Feedback of Online Education/ 49

Khushnuda Bano and Jasim Ahmad

8. Measuring Digital Competence and Usage of Open Educational Resources: A Study on DIETs of Assam/ 56

Sunita Saikia and Yeasmin Sultana

9. SWAYAM MOOCs: Awareness and Motivation for E-learning – A Study/ 65

Majaz M. Siddiqi

10. Assistive Technology and ICT Enabled Inclusive Classroom/ 74

Aerum Khan

11. Online Digital Education during Covid-19 — Opportunities and Challenges: A Study of Delhi School Students/ 84

Dhanraj Singh Puri, Ali Asgar and Amit Kaur Puri

12. Prospects and Challenges in Online Education/ 91

Arnab Chowdhury and Jayanta Kumar Mete

13. Technology Based Experiential Learning and Perception of Pre-service Teachers/ 97

Nazia Hassan and Kartar Singh

14. Students’ Perception and Learning Experience: Online Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic/ 102

Trishala Bhaskar and V.K. Shanwal

15. Pros and Cons of Online Education at Secondary School Level during Covid-19: A Qualitative Research from Kashmir/ 110

Aasifa Akhter and Gawher Ahmed Bhat

16. Students’ Perspective of Online Classes: Comparative Study of Delhi Schools/ 115

Pavitra Rana and Sarita Kumari

17. Transition from Personal Interactions to Virtual Space: Combating the Issue of Research during Pandemic/ 126

Ishita Chugh and Sajjad Ahmad

18. Prospects and Challenges in Using e-Assessment in Distance Online Learning/ 137

Parvesh Kumari and Ali Asgar

19. Online Education – An Aid during the Covid-19: Pandemic and Beyond/ 145

Bushra Hussain and Mohd. Muzahir Ali

20. Impact of the Global Pandemic on Education in the North-eastern India/ 152

Nungsangyula Imchen and Manasi Sinha

21. National Education Policy 2020 Vision: Integration of Technological Interventions in Education System/ 160

Neha Jain and Anshula Dua

22. Integration of ICT in Teacher Education: Policy Perspective and Curriculum Concerns/ 169

Sonali Sambyal and Kiran

23. Education through ICT Initiatives: The Pandemic Period/ 180

Kiran Joshi

24. Online Pedagogy Adopted for Effective Teaching Learning 188 Priyanka Kumari and Ishrat Naaz 25. ICT in Education: Teaching Learning Resources and its Challenges/ 196

Amit Ahuja and Richi Pahuja

26. Prospects and Challenges for Students in Online Education: In Context of Covid-19 Pandemic/ 203

Saiful Alam

27. Online Education during Covid-19: Benefits and Challenges/ 209

Jyotika Kharbanda and Parul Khanna

28. Online Teaching — Experiences of Teacher Educators: Efficiency, Pedagogy Options and Learning Outcomes/ 216

Pooja Rani, Nishtha Verma and Anupam Kumar

Contributors/ 227

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