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Year : 1996

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144 pp

About the Book

The book is a multidisciplinary investigation into various aspects of pressing socio-economic problems facing child rag-pickers and welfare mechanism we have for them in India It provides a comperhensive evaluation of children’s participation at work and behavioural changes noticed after joining the occupation in general and rag-picking in particular. Scientific analysis of a wide range of problems confronting child ragpickers, compelling circumstances under which children have to undertake regpicking and behavioural changes noticed after joining the occupation have made the book more interesting. Making the given case studies, social workers approaches and other pertaining collections stress on scientific intervention and rehabilitation strategies which need our priority to free them from being impaired and handicapped. This treatise will be immensely useful for students of social work, sociology, economics, allied subjects and those who work in the field of child welfare and development specially in policy making and programme implementation.

About Author

Dr A N Singh is the Chairman, Department of Social Work, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra. His areas of special interest are: Family, Child, Youth, Disabled and Labour welfare. Dr. Singh has worked in the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD), New Delhi and the Council for Social Development, New Delhi and is actively associated with various research programmes, seminars and training courses for the officers in the field of Child Welfare. Currently Dr. A N Singh is associated with professional bodies, academic committees, Govt. voluntary organisations and research projects along with teaching and research guidance to university students. Besides this publication, Dr. Singh is the author of books entitled Community Organisation. Child Labour in India : A Socio-economic Perspective and a good number of research papers and articles published in various journals of eminence.


Introduction, Child Survival in slums, Methodology and Work Plan, Socio-Economic Life and working Pattern, Occupational Hazards and Social Workers' Intervention, Child Welfare Policies & Programmes- An Evaluation, Strategies for Prevention and Rehabilitation.

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