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The Author: N.K. CHOWDHARY

J C Aggarwal, a retired Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration, has written extensively on education and current problems. His publication include : Learning without Burden: An Analysis: Education Policy in India : Modern History of Jammu and Kashmir; Uttarakhand : Past and Present and Elections in India:12952-96. N K Chowdhry, has been writing on contemporary politics economics and political affairs for the last six years. He is a former Deputy Director of Education, Delhi Administration. He started with the book Ramjanambhoomi throughthe ages and has since authored a number of books including Elections in India (1952-1991); Assembly Elections 1991: Dunkel Proposals (2 Vols) ; Assembly Elections 1994-95 Elections in India : 1952-96: Elections in India : 1998 etc. Shri Chowdhry frequently contributes to newspapers and magazines on topics of professional and general interest.

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Constituency Profiles, Results and Analysis Focussing Poll 1996
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ISBN: 9788185402826
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with Comparative Data Since 1952
2021 impression
ISBN: 9788175410190
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