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Khurshid Anwar Arfi(b. 20 January, 1934)started his Journalistic career in 1957 with an Urdu daily and held responsibilities of editor, “Sada-e-Hind” Weekly in 1962; editor, ‘Al-Momin’, New-Delhi; columnist in ‘Awaam’ and ‘Nai Duniya’, New Delhi; wrote ‘Maktoob-e-Bharat’ in Daily ‘Mashrique’, Lahore; as its correspondent; editor, ‘Moamlaat’ fortnightly pictorial news magazine, New-Delhi; columnist in ‘Mosawaat’, London. He is one of the founders of All India Urdu Editor’s Conference at Patna; and honored with national award on Urdu journalism sponsored by Bihar Urdu Academy.

He has authored many books in English and Urdu, his publications include ‘Dr. Jagannath Mishra’ (1993); ‘Gujarat—ABlot on the Nation’ (2002), ‘Safar Wasila-e-Zafar’ (2005); ‘India—ANation in Turmoil’(2011); ‘Hindustan Inteshar Ke Bhanwar Mein’ (2012).His forthcoming books are ‘Momin Tahreek Aur Momin-Ansar’; and ‘Naqoosh-e-Hayat’, an autobiography.

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