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Year: 1995


xvi + 205 pp

ISBN: 9788185402642

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About the Book

Drug Abuse has acquired transnational dimensions. It is also a billion- dollar industry. While some governments connive at their territory being used as a drug supplier or for transit, others find themselves helpless against politically and financially strong mafias. The book analyses the problems that arise as drugs gain social acceptability. While discussing the individual and social damage being caused by the use of drugs, the book suggests preventive measures and also therapeutic strategies. The book is based on the author’s experiences in India, European countries and USA. There are case profiles from India and conclusions drawn from these investigations. The focus all through is on the psychological aspects of the problem while equal importance has been given to the social dimensions. It has a special relevance for those who want to come out of the drugs trap through self effort aided by other institutional supports.

About Author

Dr. Rashmi Aggarwal, a Ph. D in Psychology from Lucknow University, has vast experience of dealing with persons of varying age groups and with problems relating to maladjustments and emotional disturbances. She launched many new projects in the field of drug abuse. Dr. Aggarwal is currently working as a Deputy Director with the Ministry of Labour, Government of Inida.


Introduction . Drug Menace- The Indian Scene. India in the Drugs Conduit. Drug Trafficking - The World Scene.Commonly Used Drugs - Their use and Effects. Socio-economic Factors influencing Drug Abuse. Psychological Correlates of Drug Abuse. Prevention of Drug Abuse. Treatment of Drug Addicts.Psychology of Relapse . Life Skill Training Through Self-Help Techniques. Drug Abuse Control - Practical Difficulties. Drug-related Behaviours. Self-esteem Structure of Drug-abusers. Emergng Vulnerable Groups. Myths and False Beliefs. Towards a Drug-Free India. Bibliography.

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