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Year: 2013


xii + 353 pp

ISBN: 9788175414624(HB)

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About the Book

The population growth rate has affected the quality of life of the people. The citizens, while in educational institutions, should understand various issues related to the population problem.
This book covers the need to study population dynamics and its utility to prospective educators. Sex education, family planning and their relation with the population are discussed. It highlights the fact that population growth and economic-cum-human development of a country act and react to each other and in this race the latter is always the loser. Facts and figures of Census of India 2001 and Population Policy of India 2001 have been analysed.
The book should be useful to several sections of the society interested in population dynamics and development on account of its wide coverage and update data.

About Author

J. C. Aggarwal is a former Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration, Delhi. He worked at the grassroots level as a Post-graduate teacher, principal, plan evaluation officer, and educational supervisor and administrator. He has also taught in a Post-graduate Teacher Training College. He is widely travelled and has written extensively on education and contemporary issues.


Concepts of Population Education; Needs & Importance of Population Education; Objectives of Population Education; Population Situation in India; Population Situation in Developed & Developing Countries: With Special Reference to India; Key Statements about Population; Their Impact on Country’s Development & Need for Population Education; National Policy on Education (NPE) & Population Education; Growing Population: Need & Importance of Population Education in India; Implementation of Population Education Programme: Role of Variour Agencies; Strategies for Transacting Population Education Curriculum; Population Education Curriculum at Various Levels ( Including Elementary); Teaching Methodology of Population Education; Population Education & Teachers; Small Family Norm Significance & Societal Level; Interrelation Between Population Growth & Quality of Life; Resource Generation & Impact of Population Growth; Sex Education for Population Control & Quality of Life; Population Growth & Economic & Human Development in India; Population Education Programme in India History & Development; Population Education & Environment Education; Population Control & Family Planning in India; History & Development; Reproductive Health; Population Control: Education & Empowerment of Women; National Population Policy (2000 A.D.); India’s Population, Progress, & Human Development: An Overview; World Population, Environment, Development & Poverty; Evaluation in Population Education; Population Dynamics: Distribution and Density; Popolation Composition: Age, Sex, Rural and Urban; Fertility, Mortality and Migration; World Population: Trends and Its Economic, Social, Political and Educational Implications; Malthusian Theory of Population; Mass Media and Audio-Visual Aids in Population Education; Practical Work: Chart, Curves, Graphs & Maps Related to Population Education,; Appendix: National Environment Policy 2006

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