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About the Book

The book looks Bihar politics from a different angle. Land and caste are two critical elements in politics. The book keeps a historical narrative to explain the dynamics of politics in Bihar. By 1930s Bihar had seen a militant kisan politics, which impinged the Congress Party. With the support of the Kisan Sabha the Congress party comes to power but removed the Kisan Sabha from the party. This helped the landlords to be aggressive in politics.

The politics of Bihar took a distinctive style after Independence. The weak Congress could not pursue land reforms. Who are responsible for sabotaging such a major policy? This, the failure of land reforms, has vitiated Bihar politics. Both caste and class play a decisive role in the present day politics of Bihar. Is casteism an urban phenomenon in the state? Who are responsible to spread casteism? The book tries to explain the logic of caste politics in Bihar.

The book may be useful for policy makers, research scholars and students of political science and modern history.

About Author

Dr. Radhakantab Barik did his M. A. and M. Phil from Jawaharlal Nehru University in political science. He did Ph. D. from Delhi University from Department of Political Science. He taught in Punjab University, Delhi University and was a fellow at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi. Presently he teaches at Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi.

Dr. Barik has published a large number of articles on politics, history, culture in various academic journals. He is a regular writer in the national newspapers and has authored a book on Politics of the JP Movement, which got a critical acclaim in various journals.



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1.Economy and Society in Bihar

2.Peasant Movements in Bihar: 1930-1947

3.Zamindars in Bihar Politics

4.Tenancy Reforms Act: The First Congress Government: 1937-1939

5.Land Reform Act

6.Agarian Policy of the Congress After 1957

7.Caste Politics in Bihar The Rise of Dalits


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