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Year: 2006



About the Book

India is multi-cultural state with large number of Muslims. In the recent past communal violence has been frequent. The state puts down violence by crushing it by police, paramilitary forces and army. But it is necessary to understand and critically examine various causes of social violence and adopt successful strategy to curb such violence.

The present volume is an attempt towards this direction. It is a unique strikingly quantitative sociological research on communal violence with special reference to Gujarat. Casual repression, without analyzing critically causes of ferociousness, results into further turmoil, constantly concerning lives of innocent people. The data received from more than twelve hundred respondents and with the aid of information technology, the entire course of communal violence is examined point by point in the book. Policy makers, research scholars and students of sociology and political science may find the book useful.

About Author

Dr. V. Kannupillai, after Post graduation in Economics from Madras University, has served as a member of India Police Service since 1963 and was allotted Gujarat State. He served as Superintendent of Police in communal sensitive districts of Godhra, Junagadh, Rajkot and Bharuch; as Additional Commissioner of Police, Ahmedabad city during 1986 communal violence; and as Deputy Inspector General of Police, Ahmedabad Range during 1987-1988 communal riots. He took M.B.A. and received Ph.D. from Gujarat University.

He has contributed many articles at All India Police Science Congress and was guest faculty at National Police Academy and the other Police Training Institutes. Dr. Kannupillai has to his credit two books An Introduction to Caste System and Politics in Tamilnadu and Hinduism Varna and Caste.



1.Democracy, Religion and Religious Conflicts

2.Communal Violence

3.Communal Brutality-2002 Gujarat Riots

4.Scheme of Study

5.Process of Communal Violence, Social Problems and Behaviour

6.Recurrent Communal Violence, Insecurity and Harassment

7.Police and Communal Violence

8.Causes of Communal Violence

9.Prejudice and Inter-Distance Relations

10.Strategy to Control Communal Violence

Annexure: The Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and 184 Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill, 2005 (Some Excerpts)


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