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Year: 2008

Bibliography: 384+viii

ISBN: 9788175414112(HB)

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About the Book

Currently witnessed developments in India-Australia bilateral relations are engaging the attention of scholars on both sides of the Indian Ocean.

This book includes the contribution made by leading scholars from both India and Australia having bearing on the political economic and security realities of the emerging global order. Not only do they critically examine the evolving of the dynamics of the India-Australia relations but offer insightful analysis on the future trajectory of the bilateral relations highlighting the undercurrents of divergence and convergence in the policy orientations and overtures of the two countries.

Purported not only to sustain the currently ongoing meaningful scholarly exchanges the volume provides the much-needed useful perspectives to the policy makers of both countries marking yet another milestone in the growing mutuality interests between the scholars from both sides of the Indian Ocean

About Author

D. Gopal is Professor in Political Science and Programme Co-ordinator of Australian Studies at the School of Social Sciences Indira Gandhi National Open University. A scholar in International Relations Prof. Gopal has travelled Australia and delivered lectures in several universities in Australia. He has to his credit several of his published works in scholarly journals books and edited volumes.



1. Introduction
D. Gopal
2. Conspicuous Hospitality: Cultivating a New Racial Etiquette in Australia, 1930-1960
David Walker
3. The Process of Positive 'Native Title' Determination in Australia: Leading to a 'Negative Title'?
Priti Singh
4. Benign Whiteness in Australian Race Relations
Auriol Weigold
5. Indians in Fiji in the Nineteenth Century: An International Communication Perspective
Peter Putnis
6. State and Citizenship in the Asia-Pacific: A Case Study of Japan and Australia
Varalaxmi Naik
7. Minority Women and Forced Migrations: A Comparative Study of Flight and Settlement Experiences of Women Refugees in India and Australia
Ruchira Ganguly-Scrase and Roberta Julian
8. Culture and Security: A Lost Opportunity?
Greg Battye
9. Compassion and Fear-Convergence and Divergence: Politics and the Media
Peter Gale
10. Glimpses of India: A Military Dekko
Susan Cowan
11. Whose Nation? Understanding Nationalism in India and Australia
Swaraj Basu
12. Structural Economic Reforms of Australia and India: Prospects for Bilateral Linkages
D. Gopal
13. Small Business Enterprises: A Comparative Overview of India and Australia
Sailaja Gullapalli
14. India-Australia Relations: Pattern of Alternation between Convergences and Divergences
Y. Yagama Reddy
15. Australia-India Relations During the Howard Era
Rupakjyoti Borah
16. Economic Reforms in India and Australia: Challenges Ahead
Jasbir Singh
17. Across the Ocean: Catching the ICT Trail
Amita Singh
18. The Politics of Rising Expectations: Middle Class Experiences of Economic Restructuring in India and Australia
Timothy J. Scrase and John Robinson
19. Reflections on India-Australia-USA Strategic Triangle
Chintamani Mahapatra
20. Combating International Terrorism Post-9/11: Responses of Australia, India and Japan
Rajesh Kapur
21. India-Australia Strategic Relations in the Post 9/11 World
Tej Pratap Singh
22. Energy Security and the Indian Ocean Region: Constructing an Indian Ocean Energy Community
Dennis Rumley and Sanjay Chaturvedi
23. Energy Resource Management: Experience and Prospects of Australia and India
Nabeel Ajmal Mancheri
24. Australia and India: Indian Ocean Security
Vanlaltluangi Aruna Ruth
25. Non-Traditional Challenges to Indian Ocean Security: Prospects for India-Australia Co-operation
S. Utham Kumar Jamadhagni and S. I. Humayun
26. India and Australia in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Convergence and Divergences
Yeshi Choedon


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