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Year: 2008

Bibliography: 330+xiv

ISBN: 9788175414174(HB)

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About the Book

As political, economic and social changes sweep across the globe, the term globalization acquires a meaning much beyond geopolitics and economics to include the globalization of culture. While societies attempt to reconcile their ancient as well as new cultural identities they silently and sometimes turbulently witness a state of dynamic flux unleasing powerful forces of further socio-cultural transition.

India reflects a multitude of cultures both traditional and modern, that often blend, sometimes co-exist, at other times clash and at times fuse to give new meaning, form and expression in arts, language and culture.

While contemporary Russian social and cultural trends break from the Soviet past, the newly independent States of the CIS in their assertion of national identities are distancing themselves from Russian language, literature, art forms and cultural heroes by either reviving lost traditions or attempting to find new cultural voices.

These social and cultural transitions and transformations and the cultural history in the making in India and the CIS, need a close study. This book is a collection of critiques and essays by leading experts from diverse backgrounds from India, Russia and other CIS countries and brings together their insights and views on the rapid socio-cultural transition that these countries are passing through.

About Author

Manu Mittal is a philologist who after her postgraduate education at the Peoples' Friendship University, Moscow, returning to India obtained MA in English and PhD in psycholinguistics. In 1985 she joined the Centre of Russian Studies, School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where, she is currently an Associate Professor.

She has researched, published as well as lectured in Indian and Russian Universities on various aspects of Russian language, literature and culture. She has also traveled widely looking for Indian-Central Asian links and the Indian connection to the Silk Routes. Her other books are in the Soul's Twilight: Remembering F.I. Tyutchev, and Beyond the Silk Route Indian and Central Asian Links through the Ages a revised and illustrated edition of which is to be released soon.

Besides academics, she volunteers time with Caring Foundation, an NGO committed to health, education, and community empowerment.



1. The Voyage of Socio-Cultural Evolution in India and the CIS
Manu Mittal
2. The Process of Cultural Transition in Russia
Sankar Basu
3. "New Currents in Russian Poetry" Mikhail Epstein's After the Future
Abhai Maurya
4. Impact of Social Transition on Russian National Identity
A.V. Yegorova
5. Mass Media and National Identity in Multi-Cultural Society of Russia In Search of a Balance between Toleration and Freedom of Expression
Veronica V. Usacheva
6. Three Centuries in Cultural Transition of the Kazak Society
G├╝ljanat Kurmangaliyeva Ercilasun
7. Indo-Persian Literary Culture and Central Asia Through Iranian Perspective
S.A. Hasan
8. Society and Culture in the Twenty-First Century Role of Science and Religion in Development
Mahnaz Merchant
9. Impact of Globalization on Culture One World Culture
Neelmani Upadhyay
10. Psychological Aspects of Cultures and Societies in Transition
N.K. Sharma
11. Globalization and National Culture Development
Zarrin Abdukhalik-Zade
12. The Origin of the Cult of Fertility Central Asian and Indian Rock Art
Debal Dasgupta and Vishwas H. Sonawane
13. Women's Liberation Liberalized
Ritoo M. Jerath
14. The Russian Economy in the Post-Soviet Period
Meeta Narain
15. Indo-Russian Bilateral Relations in 21st Century A Brief Report
A. Rajeshwar Raju
16. The Dilemma of Ethnicity and Territoriality in Present Day Russia
Ranjana Banerjee
17. Transformation of the Silk Road Concept With Reference to Kyrgyzstan - India Relations
Indira Musaeva
18. The Kyrgyz Revolution Before and After
Konuralp Ercilasun
19. Cultural Revivalism in Present Uzbekistan
Tashmirza Khalmirzaev
20. Functional Specificity of Oriental International Lexicon (OIL) in the Languages of Central Asia and India
Azad N. Shamatov and Sirajuddin S. Nurmatov
21. On the Reflection of Some New Scientific and Cultural Notions in Indian Life by Means of Modern Hindi
Mahira Nasirova
22. Resurgence of Hindi in the Wake of Globalization
Gajendra S. Chauhan
23. Problems of Single Mother Two Different Approaches
J.P. Dimri and A. Charumati Ramdas
24. Contemporary Russian Plays A New Experience
Nasar Shakeel Roomi

Note: Chapter no 25 to Chapter no 37 are in Russian language
Chapter no 38 & 39 are in Hindi

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