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Year: 2000


xx + 368 pp/3rd Impression

About the Book

The Indian State is facing many new challenges and its capacity to deal with problems of the Twenty- First century has been a special focus of our study. Every Pillar of Indian state like democracy, secularism, and sovereignty is under attack from the forces of Hindutva and global capitalism. Has the Indian State shown any capacity to defend secular democracy and national sovereignty? These issues have been examined in our study on the basis of Marxist theoretical framework of historical materialism and class theory

About Author

Prof. C P Bhambari currently Distinguished Scholar of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, and UGC appointed Emeritus Fellow has been Professor and Dean of the School of Social Sciences. He also has been a Visiting Professor to Mc. Gill University, Canada and Dar-Es-Salaam University, Tanzania.


Introduction- Indian State, Global Capitalism and Peripheral – Capitalist Democratic Nation-State System, Theoretical Perspectives on Political Change, The State in Contemporary India, The Modern State and Voluntary Societies, Constitutional Democratic State of India, Indian State, Social Classes and Secularism, Indian Secular State, Stateand Communalism in India, Culture and Democracy, Legitimacy ane Accountability of State Systems, The Indian State : conflicts and Contradictions, Political System : Nature of Contradictions, Experiment of Democratic State, Political Economy of the Indian State, New Economic Policy, Globlization, Liberalization and Welfare State, Globlization, Liberalization and Institutions for Govermance in India, Grappling with Globalization, Political Economy, Is the Indian State Really Ruthless?, In Defence of the Indian Constitution, Bureaucrats have lost their Prestige with Citizens, India’s Internal Harmony, 50 years of Indian Democracy, Federalism in the Age of Globlization, Perils of Regionalism, Naxalism and the Indian State, Hindutva and the Indian State.

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