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Year: 2000


232 pp

About the Book

The Vajpayee-led Coalition Government took decisions which attracted global and domestic criticism. The nuclearisaion of India and the targetting of Christian minority created international and internal controversies regarding the functioning of the first BJP-led Coalition Government. Since the coalition was unstable the BJP cleverly pursued its agenda of Hindutva while public attention remained focussed on conflicts amount the coalition partners of the Central Government of India. This first government led by the forces of Hindutva remained in power for thirteen months and during this period every group of the hindutva felt free to pursue the goal of promotion of Hindutva. During its six months of temporary rule after its defeat in the Lok Sabha by one vote, Vajapee-led Government projected iteslf as the defender of India against aggressive Pakistan. This is a critical study of Pokhran II to Kargil of the first Vajpayee led Coalition Government whose decisions which attracted global & domestic attention with raised eyes. The book focuses an important phase of political process of India during BJP-led govt. leading to 13th Lok Sabha Elections.

About Author

Professor C P Bhambhri currently ‘Distinguished Scholar†of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, has been Professor and Dean of the School of Social Sciences. He also has been a Visiting Professor to Mc Gill University, Canada and Dar-Es-Salaam University, Tanania. He is a prolific writer who has published in internationall and national academic professional journals and has also intervend through news-papers Articles. Some of his widely acclaimed books are : The Indian State ; (Two Volumes): Foreign Policy of India : The Political Process in India and Elections 1991- An Analysis.


Preface, Indian democracy at work, Fragmented social classes & coalition politics, Is our Rashtrapati overly active? Divided centre, decaying institutions, Myopia at the centre, The economic crisis has political roots, National Government or National disaster? The unstoppable march of religion, Hindutva riding on secular shoulders, Options before the left, Politics of a fractured society, Bitter social struggle ahead, Friends in need, Can coalitions work in India? Times leave congress behind, Indian economy under a weak regime, Indo-Pak nuclear deterrence, Kargil as an election issue, Verdict 1999, and A B Vajpayee, Appendices, Index.

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