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About the Book

There are broadly two views about the object of social security-one, the scope of social security is limited to maintenance of one's income against loss or diminution due to the occurrence of a contingency; second, the object of social security is broader to enable a person to attain a decent standard of life and also be able to maintain it. It is said that in the Indian context, social security policies and strategies would need to be addressed as a part of anti-poverty policies and that social security should include income support through promotional measures such as, employment promotion, food subsidy and child nutrition, as well as income maintenance through protective measures such as, public assistance for old-age, maternity disability and death .

This volume is based on lectures delivered by several experts, national and international, eminent in their own domain on the various aspects of social security representing both the streams of thought. It provides a framework for further research and studies in the field of social security. The book may be useful for policy makers and researchers in the field of social security, women workers, labour in unorganized sector and public health.

About Author

R. K. A. Subrahmanya, IAAS (1951), retired as Addl. Secretary in the Union Ministry of Labour in 1984, former Director General, Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmadabad, ex-Member of the A.P. Administrative Tribunal and is a member of the National Labour Law Association. He is credited with the production of the book entitled, India: Labour Code, 1994. He is the founder Secretary General of Social Security Association of India. He was awarded a Medal of Merit for his contribution to the cause of social security by the International Social Security Association, Geneva, in the year 2000.

Dr. L. D. Mishra, IAS (1964), a distinguished administrator, retired as Union Labour Secretary and had held several key appointments both at the Centre as well as in the State of Orissa. Presently, he is Special Rapporteur to National Human Rights Commission. Dr. Mishra is one of the founders of Social Security Association of India.

B. N. Som, IPS (1964), retired as Secretary to Government of India and then Vice-Chairman, CAT. He had a distinctive civil service career followed by an eminent judicial assignment. He is credited with conceptualisation of Employees Pension Scheme, 1995. He set up National Academy for Training and Research in Social Security in1993. He has been a member of the PF Central Board of Trustees and ESIC. He is currently the Secretary General of Social Security Association of India.




1. Social Security in the Context of the New Economic Policy
Manmohan Singh

2. Contribution of Social Security in the Emerging Economic Scenario
Pranab Mukherjee

3. Social Clauses - International Trade Agreement
Ms. Josephine Karavasil

4. Social Security in India in the Historical Context
Justice Rama Jois

5. Introduction to Social Security
Lionel P. Massum

6. Social Security for Workers in the Unorganised Sector
L.D. Mishra
Sahdev K. Wadhawan
Har Mander Singh
D.C. Gupta

7. Social Security for the Unorganised Sector
Wouter van Ginniken

8. STEP Programme
Ms. Tsushima

9. State Support for Children in Poor Households as a Measure of Development: The Experience of South Africa
Ms. Francie Lund

10. Coverage of Contingencies under Formal Social Security Schemes and the Needs of Women Workers in the Informal Sector
John Woodall

11. Global Crisis in Social Security
Dalmer D. Hoskins

12. The Role of NHRC in Ensuring the Fulfillment of the Right to Social Security
Justice Sh. J.S. Verma

13. Social Security for Migrant Workers
Jan Breman

14. Social Security and the Right to Food
Jean Dreze

15. Revamping of ESI Scheme
Ajay Dua
Sanat Mehta
R.K.A. Subrahmanya
Parduman Singh
P.D. Shenoy

16. Democracy and Employment Guarantee
Aruna Roy

17. Social Security Development in Asia and the Pacific
Corazon S. De La Paz

18. Pension Reform in India - A Social Security need
D. Swaroop

19. Corporate Social Responsibility
A.K. Balyan

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