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Year: 2002


438 pp

ISBN: 8175411031

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About the Book

Over the last few decades carbon has acquired a central position amongst the galaxy of materials. This has been made possible primarily because of the availability of carbon fibers, carbon/ carbon composites and lately of carbon nanotubes. Carbon in special/ specific forms is a sought after material, be it Defense, Aerospace, Thermal management or even Biomedical.

About Author

Dr. O P Bahl (MSc, PhD, F N A Sc.) is one of the leading technologists, in the area of Carbon, of the country under whose leadership nine vital technologies pertaining to Carbon Products have been developed thus putting India on the world map of Carbon.
T L Dhami (MSc, PhD) is a senior scientist in Carbon Technology Unit, NPL, New Delhi. His research interests include co-relation between processing parameters and overall performance of fiber-reinforced composites, including carbon-carbon composites, activated carbons and other advanced carbon products.
Prof . L M Manocha (MSc., PhD) is head of the Department of Materials Science at Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidyanagar. He is one of the leading carbon technologists of the country, has successfully completed 12 National/ International research projects on carbon fibers, composites and solid carbons.


Activated Carbons, Adsorption and Surface Science. Carbon Fibres and Composites. Nano-tubes and their Applictions. Pitches .Special Carbons

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