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Year: 2018


140 pages

ISBN: 9788193437971(HB)

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About the Book

Connectivity, which includes communication networks, electric connections, health infrastructure, educational infrastructure, transport facilities, etc.,is one of the most important pre-requisite for an economy.Among them, roads areconsidered to be the most fundamental connectivity because of its affordability within the community. It can be stated as a key component ofdevelopment, especially for the rural areas.

Mizoram is a land-locked state and so, road transport continues to be the principal means of communication for most community, business, and personal purposes.This book is a study of how investments in the construction of roads and its resultant connectivity influences the development of an economy, and what the pattern of relationship is between road connectivity and development, taking the villages of Mizoram as a case.The analysis was undertaken by adopting various road connectivity parameters which were tested against identified development variablesof demography, employment, agriculture development, and availability of social infrastructures. Itwas found that road connectivity do lead to development in several fields.Itmoves people away from unsustainable shifting cultivation to more sustainable agriculture practices like plantation and horticulture, and wet rice cultivation.Moreover, it has favourable effects on the demographic and employment patterns of the villagers. The book may be found useful by all the stakeholders in the subject. 

About Author

Lianhmingthanga(PhD in Economics) is presently associated with the Department of Economics, Mizoram University, Mizoram. He has published a number of research papers in several journals, and is involved in numerous research projects.



List of Tables and Figure

List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Introduction


Overview of Existing Literature

Current Situation of Road Connectivity in India

Need for the Study

Rural Roads in Mizoram


Chapter 2: Situational Profile of Connectivity in India


Connectivity Infrastructure and Socio-Economic Development Across the States of India

Road Connectivity Scenario in Mizoram

Chapter 3: Existing Status of Rural Road Connectivity and Economic Development in Mizoram


Classification of Villages

Road Connectivity and Rural Development in Mizoram

Chapter 4: Impact of Road Connectivity on Rural Development: An Empirical Analysis


Testing the Difference in Performances

Relationship Between Road Connectivity and Rural Development – A Regression Model 98


8 Road Connectivity and Development in Rural Mizoram

Chapter 5: Conclusion


General Trend of Road Connectivity and Economic Development

Analytical Results of the Impact of Road Connectivity on Rural Development

Conclusion and Recommendations



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