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Year: 2020


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About the Book

The book analyses the demographic, economic, educational, socio-cultural and religious changes in the Jain community of Bundelkhand that have occurred within the span of two-three generations. For centuries the Jains of Bundelkhand, mainly the followers ofTerapanth Digambar Jainism, have been involved in trade and commercial activities. Their socio-cultural attitude has been characterised by conservatism and religious orthodoxy. However, for the past few decades, mainly due to the impact of modern education this over-all situation has significantly been changing for the better. How, why and to what extent these changes have affected the contemporary Jain community of Bundelkhand is the main focus of this study.It also covers some eminent Jain personalities in different walks of life.It is argued that the economic, educational and occupational aspects of the community have changed relatively much faster than socio-cultural and religious aspects. The readers, scholars and all the stakeholders in the subject may find the book useful.

About Author

Prof. Prakash C. Jain, Ph.D. (Sociology, Carleton University) is currently Project Director of Population and Sociological Studies at International School for Jain Studies, New Delhi. Prior to this he was a Senior Fellow of ICSSR (2013-15) and UGC-Emeritus Fellow (2015-17) at the Centre for Comparative Politics & Political Theory, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. Dr. Jain served JNU for over 25 years as Professor of West Asian Studies and has a number of books to his credit. His major publications in the field of Jain Studies include Jains in India and Abroad(2011) andStudies in Jain Population and Demography (2019).




List of Tables

1. Introduction

Bundelkhand Region; Jains in India and in Bundelkhand; Research Problem; Survey of the Literature; Objectives of the Study; Rationale of the Study; Conceptual Framework; Hypotheses; Locale of the Study; Research Methodology

2. Bundelkhand and Its Jain Community

Bundelkhand Region; History of Bundelkhand: Medieval and Modern Periods; Demographic Profile; Economy of Bundelkhand; Migration; Castes in Bundelkhand; Status of Women; Jain Community of Bundelkhand; Jainism in Bundelkhand; Demographics; Economic Profile; Education and Occupational Structure; Socio-Political Contribution; Social Organisation; Sub- Sects and Castes; Kanji Swami Panth; Social and Religious Conservatism

3. Socio-economic Background of the Respondents

Gender; Age; Marital Status; Sect/Sub-Sect; Caste/Sub-Caste/ 44; Rural/Urban Background; Home Ownership; Agricultural Land Ownership; Urban Immigration; Educational Background; Occupation of Respondents; Income; Family Size; Gadgets Used at Home

4. Education and Occupational Changes

Jains’ Stake in Bundelkhand’s Economy; Education and Occupation of Respondents; Education and Occupational Mobility; Educational Aspirations for Children; Role of Jain Sanskrit Vidyalayas; Rise of Jain Pandits; Education and Employment of Women; Higher Education and Out-Migration from Bundelkhand; Jains in the Wider Society; Problems of Education and Employment; Minority Status to Jains; Benefits and Advantages of Minority Status; Problem of Disunity within the Jain Community

5. Social Structural Changes

Social Structural Changes; Kinship, Marriage and Family; Kinship; Name; Family; Marriage; Problems of Marriage in Bundelkhand; Social Stratification; Status of Women; Jain Associations; Jain NGOs of Bundelkhand; Inter-Ethnic Relations

6. Continuity and Change in Jain Way of Life

Jain Philosophy; Jain Metaphysics; Jain Ontology; Doctrine of Karma; Jain Epistemology; Jain Ethics; Code of Conduct for the Householders; Accessory Rules; Code of Conduct for Ascetics; Religious Orthodoxy; Kanji Swami Panth: A Challenge to Orthodoxy; Neo-Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy; Dincharya (Daily Routine); Diet and Dietary Regulations; Festivals and Pilgrimage; Life-Cycle Rituals

7. Summary and Conclusion


1 . Some Prominent Bundelkhandis

2. List of Prominent Jain Pandits/Scholars from Bundelkhand

3. Jains of Bundelkhand in Literature

4. Major Bundelkhand Jain Tirth Kshetras

5. A List of Select Jain Sanskrit Vidyalayas

6. Martyrs and Freedom Fighters of Bundelkhand

7. Jain Monks and Nuns from Greater Bundelkhand

(With Year and Place of Birth)

8. Some Prominent Jains of Bundhelkhand




Additional Info.

Some Opinions…

“Dr. Jain is not only a member of the Jain religious order but also a native of Bundelkhand, the area where he carried out his intensive fieldwork. … Although Dr. Jain’s work is on his own community, he is able to examine the facts of the Jain life with considerable objectivity. Because he knows fully well the theoretical constructs of objectivity and subjectivity, and that of reflexivity, he is able to handle his data well and produce a work of merit.”

Prof. Vinay K. Srivastava

Director, Anthropological Survey of India, Kolkata

Ex-Head,Deptt. of Anthropology, University of Delhi


“Professor Jain should be complimented for undertaking the study of the Jain community about which very little sociological literature exists. (The Volume) brings at one place enormous material from a variety of sources.”

Prof. Yogesh Atal

Ex- Principal Director in Social Sciences, UNESCO


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