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About the Book

Gradual evolution of the state of independent India has been divided into three inter-related phases: the nationalist leadership during Phase I (1947-1991) had made every effort to build a modern, democratic, secular, capitalist state of India; during Phase II (1991-2014), the ruling classes had abandoned the earlier independent path of capitalist development in favour of integration with transnational finance capital and also opted for American model of market-led capitalism. What are the explanations for these ‘shifts’ from Phase I to Phase II? The third phase beginning with 2014 has witnessed a complete break with the past and the ruling social forces are attempting to establish Hindu Ideological State guided by the doctrines of Brahmanical Hinduism. An effort has been made to explain this new development beginning with 2014. Chapters in the book have dealt with all these three phases of seventy years of the Indian state. 

About Author

C P Bhambhri, currently ‘Distinguished Scholar’ of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, has been Professor and Dean of the School of Social Sciences. He also has been a Visiting Professor to McGill University, Canada and Dar-Es-Salaam University, Tanzania. He is a prolific writer who has published in international and national academic professional Journals and has also intervened through newspapers articles. He has to his credit more than 30 books.




1.     Seventy Years of Indian State (1947-2017): An Introduction

2.     Global Capitalism and Peripheral Capitalist Democratic Nation-State Systems

3.     The State in Contemporary India

4.     Constitutional Democratic State of India: A Critique

5.     Indian State, Social Classes and Secularism

6.     Culture and Democracy: Will India Become a Hindu State?

7.     The Indian State: Conflicts and Contradictions

8.     Political System: Nature of Contradictions

9.     Political Economy of the Indian State: 1991‑1996

10.  New Economic Policy: Indian State and Bureaucracy

11.  Globalization, Liberalization and Welfare State

12.  Globalization, Market and the State

13.  Globalization, Liberalization and Institutions for Governance in India

14.  Grappling with Globalization

15.  Political Economy: Pluses and Minuses

16.  Is the Indian State Really Ruthless?

17. Years of Indian Democracy

18.  Federalism in the Age of Globalisation

19.  Perils of Regionalism

20.  Naxalism and the Indian State

21.  Hindutva and the Indian State

22.  Indian Transition

23.  Maoism: Responses of the State

24.  Globalised Monopoly Capitalism and Indian Society and State

25.  The Making of a Hindu State

26.  The Making of Personality Cult

27.  Explaining the Rise of Rightwing Social Forces in India

28.  Fight the Attack on Constitutional Values

29.  Communalisation of the State Apparatus Index


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