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Democratizing the Police

Indian Scenario

Year: 2013



ISBN: 9788175416819(HB)

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About the Book

Democratization, however logical and laudable, in historical terms, involves the challenge of facing and containing anti-democratic forces, both internal and external, within the framework of democratic ethic. Freedom, in its first flush, has also an in-built self destructive tendency like a flashflood, of disturbing the ground conditions, generating indiscipline and turbulence in any society in pursuit of democratization leading to, as is being witnessed all over, the phenomenon of violent democracies a contradiction. In the newly emerging democracies, police organizations that had their origins during colonial times, subserving the alien kings and interests of emperors were designed to maintain status quo. They tend to continue to exude the same colonial ethos. In India, the democratic political process that has turned partisan and malignant, has not yet taken up the agenda and process of transformation of democratizing the police. The agenda, if any, in real terms, has been painfully slow, halting and not comprehensive. The book is all about what, why and how of transformation of the Police as a sine qua non for the police to be able to aid, protect and promote the democratic character of the nation.

About Author

Prof. GRS Rao is a student of sociology of law and development. His doctoral work (1975) has been commended as a pioneering effort in the field of sociology of law in India. As a Chair Professor in Public Policy at the Administrative Staff College of India, and Director of the Rajaji International Institute of Public Affairs and Administration, Prof. Raos professional work, inter-alia, encompassed Management Development, (a series of national workshops in public policy management for senior IAS and IPS administrators, and Ministers from all the States of India); Research (communal, caste, regional conflict; Technology Missions et al); and, Management Consulting (reorganization of CRPF, Left Wing Extremism et al). Dr. Rao has been invited to chair sessions and to present papers at several international and global conferences. Presently he is Chairperson of Centre for Public Policy and Social Development, and of the Academy of Gandhian Studies.


Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; List of Illustrations; 1. State of Democracy: India at 60; 2. Security Scenario: Red Alert-A Constant; 3. Police at the Cross Roads: Stress and Stain; 4. Policy Reform: Dimensions: Dynamics: Directions; 5. Challenges of Change: Strategic Initiatives; Annexure : Code of Behaviour for Police Officers, 1960; Notes and References;

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