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Year: 2023


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ISBN: 9789391978242(HB)

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About the Book

The book highlights associated concepts of Self and  factors contributing the formation of Self by explaining critical roles of family, teachers and other socio-cultural-religious factors. It unfolds ways and means to establish complete understanding of all critical issues involved in the journey while living normal life, juggling pressures of career, family and society at large.

The book spells out ways to sharpen vision for focusing on Self, know its reality, accept that reality as it exists, and finally making peace with that reality. It also lays out required ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ to be learnt and mastered to see the bright light. The reader is exposed as to how to make amend to all undesirable elements, one by one, so that the process of knowing self-fructify and deliver practical benefits.

This volume  can be used by learners in multiple ways. It provides detailed course material as well as seeks to help the reader graduate to the level of practical self-realization.

About Author

Ashok Tyagi (1960) gave up an immensely successful corporate career at the prime age of 51 to pursue superior aims of human life guided by Ancient Indian systems. His hands on understanding of religio-cultural nuances soon inspired him to pursue Spirituality in right earnest and on full time basis. His renunciation of blind-faith in traditions makes him a modern day thinker deep rooted in Universal values. He dedicates this shining insight, a result of over decade long endeavour, to the matured householders who have reached to the pinnacle of success in terms of current social norms and are dedicated to invest prime energy for something enduring and abiding.

Mr. Tyagi, a modern hermit, pursues Spiritual practices and intellectual vocation living in Surabaya, Indonesia with his wife Esha.


Introduction/ ix

Part I

1. Evolution of Self/ 3

Self and its Significance/ 3; Connecting with Self being a Difficult Choice/ 3; Process of Understanding Self in Brief/ 4; ‘Self’ not being Body or Mind/ 5; Probing How much We Know about Ourselves/ 8; Factors Affecting Evolution of Self: Family, School and Society/ 13; Benefits of Understanding Self/ 24

2. Understanding Peripheral Concepts/ 28

Key Terms and Concepts in Daily Life/ 28; Expressions Around Self/ 30

3. Awareness for Own Self/ 44

Myths Surrounding Self/ 44; Ego and its Working/ 54; Magnifying Awareness for Own Self/ 59; Ways to Sharpen Self-Awareness/ 61; Process of Awakening ‘Me’/ 63; Management of Thoughts/ 67

4. Pathways for Understanding Self/ 69

Suggested Pathways/ 69; Contemporary Tips for Shining Self/ 80

5. Self and Ancient Indian Philosophical Views/99

6. Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation: Traditional Tools and Techniques/ 103

A. Practicing Yoga/ 103; B. Practicing Pranayam Regularly/ 111; C. Practicing Meditation/ 113; Conclusions/ 122; Part II/ 123

Part II

7. Advanced Self: Its Philosophical Perspective/ 124

Advancing ‘self’ to ‘Self’/ 124; Understanding Atman, The True Self/ 125

8. Tools for Advancing Higher Self/ 127

9. Grasping Mind to Understand Self/ 139

Understanding the Mind/ 139; Understanding Segregations of Mind: Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious/ 141; Understanding Emotional and Rational Mind/ 143; Exercising Control over Mind/ 144; The Ideal Situation/ 145

10. Understanding Self being Real Self-Realization/ 146

Bibliography/ 148

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