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Coffee Table Book

Year: 2024


pp 89

ISBN: 9789391978686

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About the Book

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet"  - William Blake

After publishing a number of books relating to social sciences, I thought to take a break and decided to try my hand on some of my hobbies, one being travelling and photography This book is about this break! The book shares the beauty of Himalayas as well as Antarctica, where I had the pleasure of traveling recently.

Photographs here are from Sarhan, Chitkool, Lahual Spiti, Pin Valley, Chandratal, Kelong etc. in Himachal and Kausani, Munsiary, Ranikhet etc from Uttarakhand. In Antarctica, the Photographs are from Ushuala (Argentina). Cruise Zodiac outings and landings on snow.


About Author

Rashmi Agrawal PhD an avid traveller is fond of savouring the abundant beauty of nature. Her service with Government of India and her consultative work post retirement took her far and wide. She is keen to capture in camera all that is magnificent to look at within and outside the country and preserve it. She rarely missed a chance to look at what the nature offered to reminisce later. Age does not diminish her urge to travel. The memories of most recent trips to the heights of Himalayas and the charms of Antarctica have been shared in this book.

Kamal Sharma has passion for Adventure Expeditions. With almost 30 years of professional experience, he is an expert in skiing, mountaineering, Royal Enfield bike tours, thrilling jeep safaris and high-altitude trekking. Kamal has successfully scaled numerous mountains in the Western Himalayas as well as the challenging peaks of the Zanskar and Kumaon regions. He also completed the iconic Everest Base Camp trek. Kamal offers a comprehensive adventure experience that spans across Ladakh Spiti, Rajasthan South India. Nepal, and beyond. You may like to embark on a journey of a lifetime with Kamal.

Rachna a nutritionist by education is a devoted home-maker. Her liveliness is reflected in every corner of her house as she has kept some of her hobbies alive like travelling, painting, gardening etc. She is passionate about painting. She tries to express her travel experience through brush on canvass. She has no professional training but developed her talent by self-learning and imagination.


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