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Year: 2011


pp 342

ISBN: 9788175415898(HB)

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About the Book

The scholarly contributions by eminent scholars from Anthropology and Sociology of various universities, research and professional institutes of India cover various facets of Indian Society-tribal cultures, ide Identity, transformation, indebtedness and developmental strategies. The writings focused much on millennium develop- ment goals.

The contributions, such as self help group movement, farmers' suicides, slums, educational issues, dalits, gender issues, displacement and rehabilitation are dealt under the sections-Tribals and their Development, Anthropology of Health and Nutrition, and Contemporary Issues. The volume provides valuable understanding on development aspects and contemporary issues of the Indian Society.

The contents of the book may be useful to the anthropologists, sociologists administrators, planners, NGOs and other development professionals in teaching, research, planning, decision making, designing and implementation of various development initiatives.

About Author

Dr. Raja Reddy Kalluri, an Associate Vice President for Research & Advocacy Team in APMAS, an NGO in Hyderabad, is a trained anthropologist engaged in developmental research. Dr. Reddy has to his credit six books and several research articles in various journals and edited volumes, His research publications on SHG move- ment, Microfinance and Livelihoods are widely appreciated.


Acknowledgements, Introduction


1. Tribes and Their Contemporary Identity/ S. Sumathi/13

2. Adavi (Forest) in Some Adivasi Cultures in Andhra Pradesh/ V. Gangadharam, T. Babji Reddy and T Chandrika/28

3. Tribes of Jharkhand: Culture and Development Prabhat K. Singh and A. K. Haldar/57

4. Transformation of Tribal Economy: A Case Study from Karnataka/N. Ningaiah/65

5. Tribal Development Strategies in India: An Anthropological Dialogue/M.P. Damodaran, S. Sumathi and P. Govinda Reddy/74

6. Dravidian Kinship Systems: The Significance of Chenchu and Yanadi Kinship Organization/N. Sudhakar Rao



7. Research Methods for Nutritional Anthropology S.C. Jhansi/111

8. Social Construction and Portrayal of Cancer: A Study in Media Anthropology/Reetinder Kaur and A. K. Sinha/125

9. Reproductive Health Care Practices among the Primitive Tribes in Nilgiri Hills of Tamil Nadu /T. Subramanyam Naidu and G. Palanisamy/136

10. Traditional Concept of Health and Medical Practices among the Tribes of Bastar/ B.M. Mukherjee/154

11. Food Security for Tribal People: A Study on Targeted Public Distribution System in the State of Orissa Pradip K. Bhowmick/150



12. Self Help Groups and Microfinance: A Study with Reference to Scheduled Tribes in Andhra Pradesh/K. Raja Reddy and C.S. Reddy/173

13. Women Self Help Groups and Utilization of Loans: A Case Study/N. Padmaja/187

14. Institutional Failure and Farmers' Suicide in Andhra Pradesh S. Vijaya Kumar/192

15. Provisions of Convention on the Rights of the Child in the Context of an Eastern Indian City: A Critical Assessment/Nibedita Nath and Deepak Kumar Behera/206

16. Schooling and Change in Tribal Areas: A Case of Andhra Pradesh/221/K. Sujatha

17. Development of Self Learning Material in Distance Education 249/G. Ananda

18. Socio-Economic Development of Dalits in Gujarat Manubhai Makwana/265

19. Role of NGOs in the Welfare of Special Children/Marri Padmaja/ 278

20. Sex and Gender Differentiation among the Saoras of Andhra Pradesh/M. Suryanarayana/283/

21. Dynamics of Displaced Populations of Somasila Irrigation Project in Andhra Pradesh/M. Mohan

22. Contemporary Issues in Development, Displacement and Rehabilitation/G.V. Ramana/ 289

23. Brief Notes on Research Projects Undertaken by Prof. P. Sudhakara Reddy/K. Raja Reddy/308

List of Contributors/335


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