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Year: 2011

Bibliography: viii + 299 pp, Ist Published in 2003

ISBN: 8175411252

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About the Book

It is necessary to discuss fundamental changes in human society today and increasing need for new approaches concerning issues of the proper functioning of democracy, respect for human rights and dignity, peace, security, development and social studies.

The book contains contributions of some of the outstanding scholars and thinkers on Human Rights and Conflict Resolution and its association with Democracy. An in-depth analysis of the needs of the future and the imperatives of democracy and suggestions pertaining to ways and means of promoting democratic culture; minimal conditions that the politics of the country must meet in order to make political democracy functional are focussed. The book should be useful to all dealing with the subject.

About Author

Prof D. D. Khanna, former Professor and Head, Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, University of Allahabad is currently Director, Society for Peace, Security and Development Studies, Allahabad. He has authored and edited several books and contributed to journals on security and development problems related to South Asian countries.

Prof. Gert W. Kueck is the Resident Representative of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany) to India. He specialised in international and developmental economics and political affairs. He has a vast experience in academic and practical activities across the globe. Professor Kueck participated actively in several international conferences, many of them within the framework of the United Nations. He has authored books and contributed to journals, particularly on problems related to North-South and South-South relations.


Preface, Introduction, The Indian Perspective, Democracy Human rights & Conflict Resolutions, Democracy & Co-existence of Civilisations, Emerging threats to democracy, Democracy as Global Entitlement, Human rights revolution, The role of United Nations, Human rights & Terrorism, Conflict Resolution: the contribution of democracy and human rights, Conflict resolution as a pre-requisite for gegional cooperation & development,External inputs in conflict generation & conflict resolution, Human rights & Genetic revolution.

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