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Year : 2002

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175 pp

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About the Book

This book contains erudite essays by noted scholars in Islam from various countries. Islam in India has richly contributed to its culture and civilization. There is no area in which Islam's impact has not been felt in India. From architecture to music to painting to historiography Muslims have left their imprint in every field. The renowned scholars in respective fields have contributed their essays to this volume.

The readers will immensely benefit from reading this volume about impact of Islam on Indian culture, whether they are scholars or lay readers, they will benefit from study of this volume.

About Author

Dr.Asghar Ali Engineer is a well known Islamic scholar and a theologian. He was trained in Islamic theology, tafsir (commentary) on Qur'an, Hadith and Islamic jurisprudence. He has done lot of work on Islam and has published more than 45 books both written as well as edited.

Dr. Engineer has also done valuable work on communal harmony. He has personally investigated all major riots in post-independence India and has published several works on study of these riots. He has been working for inter-religous harmony and was conferred D.Lit. by Calcutta University for his work on communal harmony


Foreword, Introduction, The role of Ibn Battuta in Writting the History of India, India's interface with Islam, Slavery & kingship among the Indian Gentry in the late 18th century, Indo-Islamic cultural interface, Sufi tradition & its impact on religious thought, Two textual paradigms of nationalism in the middle period thought of Maulana Azad, Indian response to Islam, Islamic approaches to nationhood and nation building, A synthesis of Indo-islamic culture and the role of muslim women, India's contribution to development of islamic sciences, India's contribution to arabic literature, Index, Contributors.

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