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Year : 2005

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About the Book

Research in post independent India can be divided into two phases. While the first phase was characterized by the criticality of 'self sufficiency' in the field of technology development for rapid industrial and agricultural growth, the second phase is the outcome of post 1990 'economic liberalization' and the need to build 'global competitiveness'. The latter phase calls for strengthening the research infrastructure in the form of libraries, laboratories and institutions of higher learning.

The book reviews the Government policy towards research with emphasis on several new initiatives taken by the Government. It also examines the future prospects of research in the light of the significant step up in investment in research activity by the private sector in recent years.

The focus of the book, moreover, is on sponsored research encompassing both physical and social sciences. The book provides an anthology of various funding windows' offering fellowship and other research grants, within India and abroad. The book has been written, keeping in view, the interests of young students keen on pursuing research. The chapter on 'Basics of Research' discusses briefly the approach to research, its relationship to knowledge, research as a means of discovery and its limitations.
It is an indispensable book for students, scholars and policy formulators.

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About Author

Dr. Sharat Kumar, an M.A. from Jawaharlal Nehru University, and Ph.D. from Patna University, is currently Director in the Planning Commission.
After a brief stint in teaching at Patna and Ranchi University, he joined the Indian Economic Service and has served the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Water Resources. He was also with the faculty of Economics at the L.B.S.N.A.A., Mussorie, between 1992-95.
He has been associated with the exercise of plan formulation for the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Five Year Plans. He has written articles in various journals and has to his credit, two books in the area of Development Economics. He went to the Netherlands on a United Nation fellowship in 1994 and participated in the United Nation's Commission on Economic Development in New York in 2001.

Dr. Minnie Mathew, head of the Programme Unit for World Food Programme in India, is a Ph.D. in Nutrition, having worked within the UN System in different capacities.
She is also a facilitator for the United Nation's Development Action Framework (UNDAF). She has to her credit the innovative project - "Community Entrepreneurship for Production of Complementary Food in Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh)."
This has become a model for building entrepreneurship skills, for managing small scale production. This initiative fetched her the International Women's Day Award in 1999.


List of tables,
List of Grants-in-aid of Government of India,
Fellowship available to Indian Students and Scholars,
Introduction: Objectives and Structure of the book

BASICS OF RESEARCH: Knowledge: Sensible and Intelligible, Propositions and Concepts, Logic and Research, Research and Hypothesis, Theory and Assumptions, Classiffication of Research, Submitting a Research Proposal

POLICY FOR RESEARCH PROMOTION: Policy Initiatives for R & D, Fiscal Incentives for Scientific Research, Venture Capital and R & D, Foreign Direct Investment and R & D, Institutions of Higher Learning and Research

DISSEMINATION OF RESEARCH: Extension Services, Training Policy for the Civil Services, Refresher Courses for University Education, Intellectual Property Right, Libraries and Research

FUNDING WINDOWS FOR RESEARCH: Mininstry of Human Resources Development, Mininstry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Ministry of Rural Development, Planning Commission

FUTURE OF RESEARCH IN INDIA: Prospects of Scientific Research, Prospects of Socio-Economic Research


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