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Year: 2005


94 pp

ISBN: 8175412399(HB)

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About the Book

The work co-relates the rich Indian cultural thoughts with those of the present management concepts. It starts from the Vedic system, age of Puranas, the British and to the modern Indian thoughts up to Narayan Murthi's system of management. The thoughts have been placed in very lucid and interesting manner.

The concept of the Indian System of management is be very effective for the Indian managers.

The book may be useful for the students, researchers and managers who would like to peep into the basic Indian system.


About Author

Sagar Agrawal is B.Tech in Computer Science and Information Technology from IET Ruhelkhand University, Bareilly, UP. Presently he is working with M/s Infosys Technologies Ltd. He has written 3 books in Hindi entitled 'Dadi ki Kahaniya', 'Cybre Vidhi' & 'Hamara Paryavaran'.

Ankur Agrawal is a B.Tech (Manufacturing-Science & Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur and is doing MBA from ISB Hyderabad. He has worked for 4 years as Asstt. Manager, OSD to the President, Business Analyst, and Secretary to CEO in M/S Jindal United Steel In-Corporation, USA, Baytown, Texas, USA. He has published jointly two books entitled 'Dadi ki Kahaniya' & 'Bureaucracy to Bureaucrazy' in English.




Vedic System of Management

Lord Krishna's System of Management

Self-centred System of Managment of Ravana

Quber System of Management

Management System of Lord Shankar

Bhagirath's Sacrificial Model of Management

Regulatory Management of Manu-Chanakya

Mughal and British system of Management

The Gandhian System of Management

Narayanamurthy Model of Modern Indian Management




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