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Year: 2006



ISBN: 8175412860

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About the Book

The Indus culture was the first human culture on the earth and, that is why, what has been presented to us through inscriptions is just its infancy. The inscriptions say that they had moved from hunting to farming. They founded villages and constructed houses. The useful animals had begun to be domesticated and the heaths were cleared off from harmful creatures for human habitation,.

The book highlights the evolution of human civilization. Readers and scholars may find the book useful.

About Author

Dr. Madhusudan Mishra (1933), M. A., Ph. D. is a former Dy. Director of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi. He taught Sanskrit in Goenka College, Sitamarhi, Bihar and Frankfurt University, Germany. He knows all the stages of Indo-Aryan from Vedic to Hindi. He has authored eighteen books. His present interest is Indus language and civilization.




A Long Dry Season

The Drying Summer

The Coming Hot Summer

The Sun Stroke

Plenty of Rain after the Hot Summer

It will Rain

The Arrival of the Rains

The Fertilising Waters

A Torrential Rain in the Evening

The Thunder and Lightning

The Chilly Winter

The Wealth of Nature

The Harmful Aspects of Nature

The Weather Forecast

The Fire Discovered

Fire and Water

The Indus Weaponry

The Snake Bites

A Serpent-killer Invented

The Cow Domesticated

Domestication of Horses

The Hoof of a Horse is Dangerous

Founding a Village

The Perils of the Village Life

The 'rags' of the Rustic Dialects

The Watchman

A Dog as a Guard

The Wheeled Carts Invented

The Flour - mill Invented

Fodder for the Domesticated Cattle

The Man Builds His House

The Beginning of Pottery

A Happy Home

The Oil - lamp

The Cattle - breeding

The Village- Well

The Agricultural Started

Lavatory System

Storing Waters

The Reservoir of Waters

The Perennial Waters from the Mountain

The Soma- juice

To Look Inward and to See with Eyes

The Generation of Light

There is Life After Death

The Vedic Carsani

An Engineer : nisara

The Transition of Thought

At Rbhus of the RV

The Vedic rata - and rati

The Big Gap between the Indus and Vedic Culture

A Dry Reservoir of Waters

The Origin of the Savitri - stanza



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