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Year: 2006

Bibliography: 86pp

ISBN: 8175412852

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About the Book

Santhali is one of the Bihari dialects, but it, has been wrongly classed as the Austric language.

This grammar is based on the actually spoken sentences of the Santhal people recorded by P. B. Bodding in his Santhal dictionary. The students, researchers and scholars having interest in languages may find this book useful.

About Author

Dr. Madhusudan Mishra (1933), M. A., Ph. D. is a former Dy. Director of Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi. He taught Sanskrit in Goenka College, Sitamarhi, Bihar and Frankfurt University, Germany. He knows all the stages of Indo-Aryan from Vedic to Hindi. He has authored eighteen books. His present interest is Indus language and civilization.




The Sounds of Santhali

The Relationship of Words

The Verbal Forms


Derivative Verbs

An Outline of Syntax

An outline of the Grammar of Bihari Dialects, Hindi and Tamil

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