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About the Book

The book aims at acquainting adequately the younger generation with the rich contents and highly inspirational teachings of the Vedas so that they take a legitimate pride on the heritage of India and thus find their genuine roots in the past, live a lofty life in the present and build up a glorious future. It is also intended to dispel the prevailing general impression that the Vedas deal with humns to be recited at various ceremonies and that their study is a domain of the scholars engaged in unraveling the mysteries and myths of the ritualistic past.
The subject matter of the Vedas is very comprehensive, absolutely related and essential to everybody life; which has been presented in the capsule form. Every effort is made to explain the matter in an easy and simple manner. Emphasis throughout the book has been on giving the essence of the Vedic hymns and not on their literal translation. Although the book is addressed to the young readers, all the same it can be used by the common reader who is interested in the Vedas.

About Author

T.R. Gupta, a recipient of state and National awards has been in the forefront in the educational, cultural and social fields in the capital for the last 40 years. He is the director of International projects of D.A.V. College managing committee, Secretary, D.A.V. Education board and Secretary of Arya Vidya Sabha. He is the member of the governing bodies of various prestigious education institutions in Delhi. He is the Principal and Manager of Hans Raj Model School, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.
J.C. Aggarwal, Former Deputy Director of Education and an Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of textbooks, Delhi Administration.


Principal Features of the Vedas Vedic Literature . Swami Dayananda and the Vedas. Philosophers,Seers and Scholars on the Glory and Uniqueness of the Vedas. Vedas Sources of all knowledge of Art, Humanities and Sciences. Ethical, Moral and Spiritual Teachings of the Vedas. Vedas on family life, Husband, Wife and Children.Vedas on Social Status of Women.Vedic View on Emotional and National Integration. Vedic Concepts of International Understanding and World Peace.Vedas on God,Soul,Re-birth and Mind. Vedas and Education. Vedic Prayers.

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