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Year: 2010


viii + 264pp

ISBN: 9788175415461(hb)

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About the Book

It is universally acknowledged that human existence revolves around three basic laws-the inevitability of change, the importance of perception over reality, and the resurrection inherent in hope. This book mainly carries these undercurrent themes while emphasising the inescapable role played by inter personal communication in bringing relief and happiness to troubled minds.

The book delves deep into the mass of research that have been done and the theories around the various kinds of aberration of individual personality traits and the therapies which provide relief and bring back mental equilibrium and presents these in a form of compendium, which can be used as a reference book for practitioners, students in counseling and psychiatry and all the others who are interested in healing fevered minds, especially without medication but with only a one-to-one form of meetings.

We in India are no strangers to the effect of counseling, when our oldest known mythological epic `Mahabharata' contains the Baghwat Gita which has become a global model in counseling at times of one's greatest depression. The book lays great store on this aspect of counseling and hope it fulfils a greatly felt need.

About Author

Dr Andal N, an alumnus of the Queen Mary's College, Chennai, secured her PhD in Sociology of Mass Communication from the University of Bombay. During her extensive interaction with people of various lands she realised the importance of inter personal communication and its relation to mental health. It was this experience which resulted in her interest in healing troubled minds. She obtained her MS in Psychotherapy and Counseling from the Institute for Psychotherapy and Management Sciences, Mumbai and is also a Member of the Association of Professional Psychologists, Chennai, and a Member of the Association of Counseling and Psychotherapy. Currently she is a practising Counseling Consultant, based in Thane, Maharashtra.

She has traveled extensively and had represented India in the Global Conference in Montreal in 1984 in the capacity of Programme Executive at the International Council of Social Welfare (Asia and West Pacific). She has worked in another Mumbai based NGO- Rural Communes for a number of years. She had participated in SAARC meetings held at Anand, Ahmedabad dealing with Rural Development.

She has attended many seminars, workshops and conferences and presented a variety of papers on diverse subjects on sociological themes. The author has three published books to her credit. This is her fourth book.



1. Bridge between Counselor and Counselee Communication
(a) General Definitions by Several Authors
(b) Interpersonal Communication
Counseling and Counselor
(a) Historical Origin of Counseling
(b) What is Counseling?
(c) Need for Counseling
(d) Goals and Objectives of Counseling
(e) Counseling Process
Counselor as a Person
Counselor and Counselee Relationship
Collection of Data
Test Battery

2. Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy
Literature on Psychotherapy-Perceived by Different Authors
(a) Psychoanalytic Perspective
(b) Freud is the 'Father of Modern Psychotherapy'
Goals and Objectives of Psychotherapy
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy-Process
Techniques of Psychoanalytic Therapy
(a) The Theory of Unconscious
(b) Free Association
(c) Transference
(d) Dreams
(e) Defense Mechanism
(f) Clinical Techniques
Psychotherapeutic Devices
(a) Catharsis
(b) Hypnosis
(c) Persuasion
(d) Re-Education
(e) Re-Construction
(f) Suggestions
Specialised Tools of Psychotherapeutic Devices
(a) Art Therapy-Free Painting
(b) Nondirective Therapy
(c) Occupational Therapy
(d) Play and Release Therapy
Psychotherapy Versus Counseling
The Art of Healing Through Meetings
Preventive Measures

3. Abnormal Behavior
Causes of Abnormal Behavior
Kinds of Abnormal Behavior
(a) Psycho Neurosis
(b) Phobic Reaction
(c) Obsessive Compulsive Neurosis
(d) Depression-Depressive Disorder
Treatment of Abnormal Behavior

4. Psychological Therapies0
Client Centerd Therapy (CCT)
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
Existential Therapy (ET)
Family Therapy (FT)
Gestalt Therapy
Group Therapy (GT)
Art Therapy Group
Various forms of Groups
(a) T-Groups
(b) Encounter Group
(c) Marathon Groups
(d) Psychodrama
Rational Emotive Therapy (RET)
Reality Therapy (RT)
Transactional Analysis (TA)
Case Studies

5. Behavior Therapy
Behavior Therapy
Assertive Training
Aversion Therapy
Contingency Management Procedures
Extinction Procedures
Modeling Procedures
Operant Conditioning
Systematic Desensitisation (SD)
Cognitive Behavior Therapy

6. Career and Vocational Counseling
What is Student Counseling?
Educational and Vocational Guidance
Educational Counseling
Vocational Guidance
Career Counseling

Appendices: Kinds of Phobias

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