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First Published in 2010

ISBN: 9788175415683(HB)

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About the Book

Students suffering from learning disorder require not only a change in strategy of teaching-learning process but also the attitude of the teachers and parents towards them. The book takes a comprehensive look at the learning disabilities.

It covers large range of topics such as definition of learning disabilities, various forms of learning disabilities, how a learning disabled child can be identified, causes of learning disabilities, impact of learning disabilities on children, the specific problems of learning disabled, their educational problems, etc.

The book is a practical guide in explaining, what are the teaching learning strategies that can be adopted to teach learning disabled. Parents, teachers and therapists would find it useful in dealing with the learning disabled children.

About Author

Dr. Rashmi Agrawal is a Ph.D in Psychology from Lucknow University. She later specialized in Rehabilitation & Counselling from the University of California, USA. She has also done an International Course in Evaluation sponsored by World Bank. Dr. Agrawal has long experience of working in the field of Education, Employment and Other related disciplines. She has authored five books including Education for Disabled Children and number of papers in national and international conferences. At present she is working as Chief in the Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Planning Commission, New Delhi.

Banda Venkata Lakshmi Narasimha Rao retired from ISS in 1995. He served in the Ministry of Labour, GoI, in various capacities, Central Institute for Research and Training in Employment Services as Director, and in Planning Division as Dy. Advisor. He also worked with ILO on projects in Bangkok and Hanoi. He has presented/published papers on subjects like child labour, street children, employment of women.



1. Learning Disabilities with Reference to Dyslexia

2. Various Forms of Learning Disabilities

3. Researches and Theories on Learning Disability

4. Identification and Diagnosis of Learning Disabilities

5. Causes of Learning Disability

6. Impact of Learning Disabilities on Children

7. Specific Needs of Learning Disabled

8. Educational Problems of Learning Disabled Children

9. How to Teach Learning-disabled Children

10. Role of Parents, Schools and Community

11. How Teachers should Deal with Learning Disabled Children

12. Strategies for Teaching-Learning and Intervention

13. Innovations in Learning Disability

I : List of Persons and Organisations Helping Disabled
II : Softwares that Help Learning Disabled
III : Learning Disabilities Checklist

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