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Agenda for Strengthening Partnership

Rajiv K. Bhatia, Vijay Sakhuja, Vikash Ranjan (Edited)

Year : 2013

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About the Book

Capitalising on shared civilizational links in the form of Buddhist lineage, Cham kingdom, and anti-colonial movements, India-Vietnam relations are increasingly exuding confidence, boosted by high economic growth; political, security and defence cooperation; scientific and technological capacity building; enhanced cultural contacts and near identical outlook on global, regional and bilateral issues. Increasing interactions translated into the signing of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the two countries in 2007. The year 2012 has special significance. It was celebrated as the ‘Year of Friendship’ in India and Vietnam; it marked the 5th anniversary of the Strategic Partnership and 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. The year was also celebrated as the 20th year of India's Dialogue Partnership with ASEAN. This book explores issues of convergence and points to vistas for future cooperation between India and Vietnam.

About Author

Rajiv K. Bhatia is the Director General, Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA), New Delhi. A career diplomat, he has served India with distinction for over thirty-seven years. He was India’s ambassador/high commissioner in four countries Kenya, Myanmar, Mexico and South Africa. Known for his intellectual inclinations, Mr. Bhatia enjoys writing and speaking on a wide range of foreign policy-related issues. Dr. Vijay Sakhuja is the Director (Research), Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi. He is also a Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore, since 2006. Dr. Vikash Ranjan is a Research Fellow at the Indian Council of World Affairs. He is a recipient of Junior Research Fellowship by University Grants Commission and Japanese Government’s Monbukagakusho Scholarship.


Foreword v; Message ix; Message xi; The Contributors xvii; Abbreviations xix; Introduction xxiii; Section I; Evolving India-Vietnam Strategic Partnership; 1. Evolving India-Vietnam Relations; Shantanu Chakrabarti ; 2. Milestones in Vietnam-India Strategic Partnership, 1972-2012; Tran Viet Phuong; Section II; Economic Relations: Trade, Investments and Cooperation in Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy; 3. Four Decades of India Vietnam Economic and Commercial Relations and the Way Forward; Shantanu Srivastava; 4. Strengthening India-Vietnam Trade and Investment Relations in the Current Global Financial Crisis; Vikash Ranjan; 5. VietnamIndia Economic and Trade Cooperation; Ly Quoc Hung; 6. Prospects for India-Vietnam Economic Relations; Nguyen Van Lich; 7. India-Vietnam Energy Cooperation; Lydia Powell; 8. Conventional and Non-Conventional Sources of Energy in India; Jesudas Bell; 9. Peaceful Utilisation of Atomic Energy in Vietnam and Scope for Vietnam-India Cooperation; Hoang Anh Tuan; Section III; Evolving Security Architecture in the Asia-Pacific Region: Political, Security and Defence Co-operation; 10. Rising India-Vietnam Ties in the Emerging Security Architecture of the Asia-Pacific Region; Tridib Chakraborti; 11. Evolving Asia-Pacific Security Architecture; Nguyen Nam Duong; 12. India-Vietnam Strategic Partnership: Political and Security Cooperation; Vijay Sakhuja; 13. Evaluation of Vietnam-India Defence Cooperation; Nguyen Hong Quan; Section IV; Development of a Knowledge Economy: Cooperation in IT, Science and Technology and Related Fields; 14. India-Vietnam Relations: Enhanced Cooperation in IT, Science and Technology; K. Raja Reddy; 15. Indias Potential in Science and Technology: Scope for Cooperation; Pham Hoang Ha; 16. ICT Industry in Vietnam: Opportunities for Cooperation with India; Tran Quy Nam; Section V; Tracing Civilisational Links and Potential for Tourism; 17. India and Vietnam: Cultural Contacts Through Buddhism; Do Thu Ha; 18. Vietnam Tourism: Potential and Perspective; Tran Phong Binh; Index

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