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About the Book

The book attempts to provide information, data and analysis of the 1999 Lok Sabha Elections which were marked by some unique features. It covers the circumstances necessitating elections to the 13th Lok Sabha, emergence of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and the near rout of the Congress Party the elections under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi who was projected as Prime Ministerial candidate and pitched against A.B. Vajpayee whose popularity had achieved new heights in the wake of Kargil victory. It also records all significant events of the elections campaign, constituency-wise detailed results, performance of the national and regional parties at the national regional and the state levels. The volume should be of interest to all interested in contemporary Indian politics.

About Author

J C Aggarwal, a retired Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration, has written extensively on education and current problems. His publication include : Learning without Burden: An Analysis: Education Policy in India : Modern History of Jammu and Kashmir; Uttarakhand : Past and Present and Elections in India:12952-96. N K Chowdhry, has been writing on contemporary politics economics and political affairs for the last six years. He is a former Deputy Director of Education, Delhi Administration. He started with the book Ramjanambhoomi throughthe ages and has since authored a number of books including Elections in India (1952-1991); Assembly Elections 1991: Dunkel Proposals (2 Vols) ; Assembly Elections 1994-95 Elections in India : 1952-96: Elections in India : 1998 etc. Shri Chowdhry frequently contributes to newspapers and magazines on topics of professional and general interest.


Dissolution of the Twelfth Lok Sabha, Events and Manifestos, Issue- Campaign Trail, Poll Miscellany, Constituency-wise Results, Last Election of the Millennium, The Electoral System, The New Government, Views and News, Lok Sabha Elections (1952-1999), Chronology of Events, The Epilougue

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