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Year: 2014



ISBN: 9788175417328(HB)

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About the Book

Muslims are the inheritors of a glorious legacy that greatly values education and knowledge that resulted in great intellectual contributions in every sphere of human quest for knowledge and wisdom. Islam has contributed effectively to the human evolution and the march ahead of the human civilizations. In the current times of universal communication, global connectivity and intensive interaction of civilizations, the true image of Islam remains distant and obscure even to enlightened citizens from other faiths and civilizations globally. This awareness and acquaintance gap must be filled and filled early through genuine initiatives and elaborations. The great traditions of dedicated intellectual pursuits to establish the symphony of revealed knowledge and the acquired knowledge appears to have slowed down due to various factors. In a globalized world that intends to move ahead towards a knowledge society, Muslims, as also intellectuals from other faiths, need to delve deep into identifying the causes that have resulted in an all-pervasive decline in education and in knowledge pursuit. They need to work out corrective measures that would rejuvenate the intellectual tradition of quest for knowledge in full flow and thus contribute to social cohesion and religious amity which are the pre-requisites for the survival of the planet earth. This volume is an output of such an initiative and may be useful for policy-makers, scholars and readers having interest in the subject.

About Author

Professor J. S. Rajput has held several assignments which include Professor in NCERT, Principal of the Regional Institute of Education Bhopal, Joint Educational Adviser, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India; Chairman, National Council for Teacher Education, and the Director of the NCERT. He has published research papers in Physics and also in several specialized areas of education, guided doctoral level researches and has authored several books. He is known for guiding in preparation of good-quality materials for teachers and teacher educators. UNESCO awarded him the Prestigious Jan Amos Comenius Medal for outstanding contributions in research and innovations. He has also been awarded Maharshi Ved Vyas National Award by the Government of Madhya Pradesh for lifelong contributions in Education.




Editor’s Note 

  • The Context: Educational Concerns before the MuslimCommunity in India/ J.S. Rajput
  • Spirit of Islam/ Akhtarul Wasey
  • Spirituality in Islam/ Farida Khanam
  • Education of Muslim Children in India: Reality and Challenges/ Aejaz Masih and Arshad Ikram Ahmad
  • The Qur’anic Approach to Dissemination of Knowledge/ Shakeel Ahmad
  • Knowledge Pursuit in Islam/ Mohammad Fahim Akhtar Nadvi
  • Madrasas: Origin and Growth(With Special Reference to South Asia)/ Waris Mateen Mazhari
  • Madrasas: Contemporay Relevance/ Mujaffar Alam
  • Teacher-Learner Characteristics: Islamic Perspective/ Anis Ahmad Khan
  • The Cultivation of Knowledge and Learning in Islam (With Special Reference to the Education of MuslimWomen)/ Zeenat Shaukat Ali
  • Islamic Interpretation of Secularism and its Link to Education/ Ishtiyaque Danish
  • Dini Education and Secular Education/ Iqtidar Mohammad Khan
  • Islamic Contribution to Science and Technology:An Overview/ Abdul Ali
  • Sufi Shrines and Education of Muslims in India(With Special Reference to Dargah Khwaja Gaisu Daraz Banda Nawaz, Gulbargah)/ Mohammad Arshad Abad
  • Education and Human Values: An Islamic Perspective/ Khwaja Iftikhar Ahmed
  • Incorporating Environmental Education in Islamic Education: The Need of the Hour/ M. Aslam Parvaiz



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