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Constituency Profiles, Results and Analysis Focussing Poll 1996

Year: 2021 impression



ISBN: 9788185402826

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About the Book

The 1996 General Elections, the biggest event ever witnessed by any country, to elect the 11th Lok Sabha were acomplished on 5th of June,1996. The election, with voters list of 590 milion involved the establishment of 8,25,000 polling boots, deployment of 50 lac of polling personnel and 1.75 lac of police force. The book attempts to provide encylopaedic information on all the eleven Lok Sabha Elections held so far with main focus on polls 1996.

About Author

J C Aggarwal, a retired Deputy Director of Education and Executive Director of the Delhi Bureau of Textbooks, Delhi Administration, has written extensively on education and current problems. His publication include : Learning without Burden: An Analysis: Education Policy in India : Modern History of Jammu and Kashmir; Uttarakhand : Past and Present and Elections in India:12952-96. N K Chowdhry, has been writing on contemporary politics economics and political affairs for the last six years. He is a former Deputy Director of Education, Delhi Administration. He started with the book Ramjanambhoomi throughthe ages and has since authored a number of books including Elections in India (1952-1991); Assembly Elections 1991: Dunkel Proposals (2 Vols) ; Assembly Elections 1994-95 Elections in India : 1952-96: Elections in India : 1998 etc. Shri Chowdhry frequently contributes to newspapers and magazines on topics of professional and general interest.


Indian Parliament and Election Commission, First to Tenth Lok Sabha, Highlights of First Ten Elections, Political Parties in India, Election Manifestos 1996, State Assemblies, Prepoll Ups and Downs, Conduct of 1996 elections, 1996 Elections, 1996 Election Results at a Glance, Voting Patterns and Regionwise swings, Statewise Election Data, Constituencywise Lok Sabha Election Rules 1991-96, Religion Caste compostion, Reactions, Main events, 13 days to 13 Parties

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