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Year: 2015



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About the Book

Education had been a vital agent of bringing about change in the hill districts of Manipur during the first part of the 20th century. Realising the important role played by education in improving the living conditions of the people, today, people in the region yearn for education.

Due to the deterioration of government schools, the growing private schools have put unbearable financial hardships on the parents, who make every effort to send their wards to such schools. This could have been avoided with some appropriate measures by the government to improve school education. Moreover, there are several areas of education in the hills of Manipur, which needs serious attention  to meet the challenges of the changing time. The book deals with these issues and aims to encourage a rethinking of the education system in the region.

The book may be useful for the government policy makers, researchers as well as other professionals engaged in the field of education, particularly in the hills of Northeast India.

About Author

Dr. A. S. Yaruingam teaches African Sociology in Delhi University. Currently, he is also heading the Department of African Studies. His main areas of research are sociology of religion, sociology of Africa, diaspora, culture and international relations. Apart from his academic interest, Dr. Yaruingam has keen interest in education for the underdeveloped societies. 

A. C. Kharingpam is Asst. Professor Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Currently, he is also the Asst. proctor and Honorary Asst. Coordinator, University Foreign affairs of the University.    


Preface                                                                                    v

1.   Introduction: A.S. Yaruingam

2.   Pettigrew’s Children: History of Print Culture of TangkhulLanguage/ A.S. Shimreiwung

3.   Colonial Ideology and the Early 20th Century Texts: An Overview of Hegemony in the School Texts of Manipur/ A.C. Kharingpam

4.   Bankruptcy of Education: Ideology and Literature in theContext of Tangkhul Society/ Yuimirin Kapai

5.   Traditional Knowledge, Social-cultural Practices and Modern Education/ Tuisem Ngakang

6.   Curricula and Education System of Manipur State/ Ringkahao Horam

7.   Tangkhul-Naga Grammar: A Study of Word Formation/ Victor Ahum

8.   Social Enquiry of Educational Scenario: The Mapithel (Pesii) Range of Ukhrul District, Manipur/ Mes Jajo, Lucy Jajo and Maheishang Awungshi

9.   Education and Spirituality in the Present Context/ R. Wonkhuimi

10.  Women Education and its Potential of Harnessing Sustainable Handloom Industry in Northeast/ Lucy Jajo Shimray

11.  Right to Education (RTE) Act 2009: Its Relevancein Manipur/ Thothuingam Shinglai

12.  Education and Identity Formation: Some Reflections on the History of the Nagas of Chandel District(With Special Reference to the Monsang Nagas)/W. Somie Monsang

13.  Traditional Forest Management through Indigenous Knowledge and Practices in Northeast India: A Case Study in Tangkhul Community, Manipur/ Franky Varah and T. Shimrah


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