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Year: 2016



ISBN: 9788175418134(HB)

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About the Book

“̶ the poignant yet fascinating story of oppression uncivilized, inhuman and unchristian treatment—the sordid and melodramatic vindictive torture Fr. Abraham had to face—an unusual story like a page from the Arabian Nights—must be read by every Christian priest and of course by every layman”. Padmabhushan Dr.M. V. Pylee

“—author’s memoirs depicting in brilliant colours the story of his barbarous victimization by oppressive and power-addict hierarchs, and of his triumph as glorious victor—an excellent crime-thriller exposing the filthy interiors of the pyramidal ecclesiastical structures—capable of captivating the readers and keeping them spell-bound till the end—the truth-missiles launched by the author will hit at the intended targets, namely the bunkers of spiritual terrorists and religious tyrants—”.   Rev. Dr. James Gurudas, CMI


The Cross of Jesus’ Discipleship – the vertical relationship with the Moral Imperative: Truth, Justice and Love and the horizontal relationship with the universal human fraternity – now stands distorted into a symbol of suffering and buried under weird dogma-ridden ritualistic stuff, the author thought. “Who are you to think when we are here?” was the ominous threat of the ‘jure divino’ infallible church hierarchy. There started the author’s struggle.

About Author

A Christian priest for the last fifty three years, with Master's in Philosophy and Master's in Theology from the Jnanadeepam Papal Vidhyapeed, Pune and Master's in English Literature from Karnataka University, Dharwar. After forty four years of teaching in colleges under Kerala and M.G. Universities, retired as Professor of English and Principal. Contributed several articles on Political, Social, Educational and Religious matters in National Periodicals like South Asia Politics, Indian Currents etc. 



An Appreciation





  • My Early Memories
  • The Sunday School-Instilled Religious Spirituality   
  • My Early Education
  • At the Petit Seminary
  • The Major Seminary: Struggles  and Hurdles Faced
  • My Four-Year Course of Philosophy
  • The Spirituality in the ‘Home of Love’
  • My Four-Year Course of Theology
  • My Ordination and the First Mass
  • The Rite Mania: My First ‘NO’   
  • Break Off from O.S.H.: My Second ‘NO’
  • As a Diocesan Priest
  • P.G. Studies in the Karnataka University
  • The Second, Even Fiercer, Phase of Struggle
  • The Direct Payment…Rocks the Diocese
  • 1968-1975: A Period of Ideological Fermentation
  • Decision to Get Married
  • Vindictive Spirit Unleashed
  • The Catholic Vindictive Grip Tightened 
  • From Frying Pan to Fire
  • The Third Phase: Dungeon Darker and Narrower    
  • My First Legal Move
  • The Final Battle to Work out ‘The Agenda’
  • The Denouement through the Courts
  • From Dark Dungeons to Dazzling Dawn  

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