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Year: 2018


pp 120

ISBN: 9788175418905

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1. Introduction

2. The Biology and Psychology of the Human Speech

3. The Field Symbols of the Indus Texts

4. Two-Pronged Result of an Endeavour

5. The Purpose Behind the Indus Texts

6. Linguistic Archaeology

7. Winding of Straws

8. Sheep Breeding

9. A Water-Channel for Irrigation

10. The Fertilising Waters

11. In a Dental Clinic

12. Dadhikra ‘The Divine Horse’

13. The Old Age

14. The Pre-Vedic vanad ‘fire’ and ram ‘ash’

15. A Canal

16. The Sky is Qualified by the Sound

17. Fruits from the Garden

18. A Hole on the Wall – A Symbolic Statement

19. sas ‘to be lazy’

20. aha ‘said’

21. The Sign for Cha

22. saks ‘to be strong’

23. The Milk is Hygienic

24. And Smell Through Nose

25. gha na

26. Text no. 1623/2847

27. The Earliest Text Reinterpreted

28. The Seven Rivers of the Punjab

29. Some Sacrificial Formulas

30. The acc. pl. gas

31. From the Indus Valley to Europe

32. The Rgveda X-106

33. Origins of Speech (RV 10,71)

34. The Words of the Indus Culture in the Atharvaveda

35. Nistha

36. Epilogue



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